Donald Trump election boosts Uber surge in Portland, Or. WTF LYFT yo-yo pricing debacle no good

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In this video I discuss how the election of Donald Trump has caused surge pricing and lots of business for Uber and Lyft drivers in Portland Oregon due to riots. I also go into depth about Lyft and their pricing scheme as of late and hope to offer some criticism that will help drivers make better decisions about what company to drive with.


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  1. After watching your videos, I've read that you've always owned Toyotas and Hondas because of their reliability. I'm considering buying a 2009 Corolla from Craigslist, drive that until it until it doesn't qualify for rideshare anymore then hopefully have enough money to buy a 1 year old used Acura TLX and still have a lot of money left over. I will then use that for UberSelect here in LA. After looking through the list of eligible UberSelect vehicles I find that the TLX is the only car anyone should get. It's the only 4-Cylinder Japanese car from the list and it gets the same mpg as your Camry. I wish Lexus made a 4-cylinder sedan. I'd trust Toyota more than Honda.

  2. Brent: I am so sorry to bother you. You are by far the most knowledgeable ride share driver I have watched. I just wondered if you have an understanding of the difference between Amazon flex drivers and Amazon Prime Now drivers and how to apply for these positions? Or do you just apply for Flex? Thanks.

  3. Thats why i quit uber.. i have a few days doing post mates and dont see my self going back.. 10 min ride was 3 fkn dollars with uber. Same 10 min ride on post mates hauling some food was 7.44 and the guy left me 15 dollar tip.