DoorDash Drivers – Is the End Coming for Dashers?

Should we be worried about Doordash using drones for delivery?

DoorDash testing out drones – Read article here:

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  1. "The drone can definitely take that one" 😄😄 As for the drone delivery, how will it deliver when it's raining/windy/snowing? I don't believe the food would be delivered as warm as if an actual driver delivered with the hot bag.

  2. I've seen these "drone-type" on wheels in LA roaming, but don't equal humans. We check PERSONS alcohol ID? Disabilities, substitute orders? Drink spillage? How many times we call doordash support. Tell if intoxicated? Climb steps? Elevators? Google map doesn't even give us exact locations… Think it through all the work we do…

  3. Let's all use some common sense here.
    Do you really think with the extremely fast growing crime rate in this country that we are going to see driverless product delivery.
    Highly doubtful.
    You probably will have better luck seeing armed food delivery before you see unattended product just sent out.

  4. StoryTell- customer in rural area says 1st driver left her food on the road by the address road marker but order wasn't there. Me driver #2 drove to her house off the gravel driveway a short ways no problem. Continued "Bad" service, customers like her will choose Drones over drivers.

  5. I know this isn't what the video was about but I was tip baited yesterday for the very first time. It was a $29 5 mile order with instacart . After I completed the order the customer took back to $19 tip and then gave me a $2 tip. 😡

  6. It is an interesting idea to have drones flying around although I'm not sure how effective it will be. If that drone wants to take the bad offers out there so be it. I agree that the drone helps those who don't tip since no one will be negatively impacted. It also seems that the drone is a faster and cheaper option than standard delivery based on the screenshot.

  7. As someone who in a few months will be doing this shift type work I appreciate your teaching. I do have a question however: Is it better to do ride sharing or these deliveries? My thinking is people will need to be dropped off whereas food delivery is more of a novelty. But you do such a great job explaining that it is an interesting dilemma. Thx

  8. Delivery drivers WILL be needed, BUT!!!!, They wont make the same money they did in previous years. The companys are GREEDY! Thats why I stopped delivering last year as I was learning how to trade options. Now, I focus on my business and trading options.

  9. There are wheeled drones in Hollywood and West LA. There is a limit to how far they can go and what they can carry. Not sure how much further a flying drone could travel but there would also be a limit on size and the ability to deliver alcohol. A bigger issue for drivers is competition from drivers who use accounts that they do not own to deliver. I can drive through the most densely populated areas of LA during prime hours and get no orders! I think its because of the influx of drivers using "borrowed" accounts.