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Comment (35)

  1. Hopefully the issues with the Lyft driver app get addressed before live launch. The app works perfectly on the Uber side but there are still some bugs with the Lyft driver app. I can't wait for official launch!!

  2. Mystro seems nice. but they need to set a max rating filter as well. Some drivers do not want to pick up 5 star users for fear they might be thieves especially in countries that accept cash.

    They should also add GRAB as a app useable with mystro since in asia the fight is between GRAB and UBER.

  3. Hey Randy good vid but I'm still thinking that a per use subscription would be good. For the guys, on SSI, disability, that use it more the 10 trips a week and changes weekly even daily sometimes. One day I might do six, next day 8 some days not at all, got to go to the VA for Dr. appointments. Wait,,,, But!!! after thinking about it and getting my trusty calculator out and seeing it works out to be 50 cents a day monthly or 27 cents on the yearly! Hmm I could live with that! Nevermind PS it still seems to shut off without any warning taking the two apps U & L off with it did it today again. if you're not paying close attention you lose rides.
    Something to look into?

  4. uberman I'm in Chicago and I use to have an older android phone and the mystro app as they say might not work withe 5.0 software so I got a new phone with 7.0 software and I'm still having capatabilty isuues with the app it works great for lyft but the uber app problems it does not except a ping no matter your settings you accept it manully and your lyft app is still running in the background then you get a ping on lyft the you have to make a choice of witch request you want to except.

  5. I must apologize for referring to the app as " BS" in an earlier comment. It was my intention to delete that part before sending the comment through. I actually do like the PURPOSE of the app and appreciate them developing a solution to a problem that I myself occasionally have faced.

  6. il give it a second try

    and you know what?
    if mystro makes me way more money than i def wouldnt mind paying for its service. its a business at the end of the day were all trying to make money.

    i used to keep switching apps and now i just started doing one full app for a week than switch the other the following week. sick of steady switching from app to app doing 50 on the freeway

  7. Randy, drivers have said things like… Uber and Lyft have an internal "no compete" policy and they target their drivers that drive on both platforms in various ways such as giving them worse fairs, Uber suppressing requests from Lyft, etc., etc., etc.   What are your thoughts on this?

  8. I have the feeling that neither lyft or Uber are going to like any part of this and find ways to defeat its functionality. I see lyft releasing weekly updates on their driver app plus I see Uber picking up the cadence on driver updates. The slightest change could cause havoc. Right?

  9. Uber has got to know about Mystro. I just feel they have a program that disrupts or blocks Mystro. It worked for me for a short while, then out stopped. I send in my feed back but it just won't work anymore.

  10. Now it all makes sense…
    Mystro is using you to promote this BS because you have a following
    . ( including me )
    But even you can't make paying $ 15 a month or $ 99 yearly for this make sense. If Mystro hopes to have ANY chance at staying afloat the price point must come down.
    Otherwise they might as well pack up and leave now.

  11. 10 trips is not enuf for the part timer… Weekends only I avg 20 – 25 trips… The paid version deal sounds good, but there are no promos to be had in KC… And we are waiting on Lyft to relaunch here which should be later this summer.
    I like the ease of filters and auto trip acceptance (with Uber only for now) … But only 10 trips and no lyft yet? I guess I will be losing mystro.. Sucks

  12. That study they/you did not want to do in Chicago. I can still do uber xl only. When you/I send in a bug report and it says someone will be in contact with me about the issue [never do] will they now do it with the new version?