Driving For Uber, Sleeping In Her Car: VICE News Tonight on HBO (Full Segment)

On Wednesday at 2:30 AM, Uber driver Terri White left her home in Stockton, California, and drove 83 miles to San Francisco for work. She wouldn’t be home until Friday afternoon. White naps in her car between rush hours and heats up her lunch at a local gas station. She says one in five Uber drivers she meets sleeps in their car.

“I love people, I love being able to breathe the air, I’m not confined to a desk, and I can do what I want,” White told VICE News correspondent Nellie Bowles. “I don’t have to wait for someone to relieve me for a break or a lunch, I just do it.” Uber’s biggest competitor, Lyft, locks drivers out of the platform after they’ve worked 14 hours in a day. Uber does not.

Watch what its like to be an Uber driver in a city you can’t afford to live in.

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  1. She is most likely driving with invalid insurance If her insurance company knows she drives for Uber they will cancel her), and she probably doesn't realize that, if she drives full time, her car will be completely worn out in two years.

  2. Let me preface my comments by saying I have an actual real job. That said, I thought I would try UBER as a hobby for a couple months just to see what it was all about. I have a nice late model Explorer so I could do XL rides. Bottom line after 6 weeks and 300 rides and 4.97 rating a had a net income of $12. UBER is a complete waste of time.

  3. i find the title misleading – they try to make her seem like a victim, but she is anything but! She's an enterprising businesswoman who has found a way to carve out a lucrative income. Earlier this week, there was a story of a Twitter employee who earned $160,000/yr but was having a hard time financially because he lived in the Bay Area. This woman is smart enough to live in an affordable area, yet make big bucks doing what she enjoys.

    She's not homeless, she's not unemployed, she's not underemployed and she sure as hell is not a victim. She's a businesswoman who's providing for her family and she should be commended not pitied.

  4. This is a HORROR STORY !!!  Where are the so-called 'progressives' to protect an African-American working Mom from the EXPLOITATION of disgusting, 'globalists' ?!? Where are the SO-CALLED LIBERALS to defend & protect the U.S. workers ?!?!  BOO !!Time to start putting a CAP on the number of for-hire Uber et al vehicles !! DAMN !!