Driving Uber/Lyft in 2017, New Terms of Service Chat & More – Collab

Hey guys! Today I’m collaborating with Kevin aka The Apptreprenuer – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClJS1dQ-7q0uiB6xbMiuetg please follow him and tell him that I sent you!

Today we discuss popular topics:

+ Is it worth driving Uber or Lyft?
+ Uber’s New Terms of Service
+ Future of access economy

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The Apptreprenuer’s video – Is this the Day Uber Dies (New TOS Discussion)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnnfDEHQb88

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Comment (39)

  1. Did you do a colab with Jermaine if so I never saw it I love Kevin's channel he so on top of it we all need to get together and figure out how to cripple uber so us drivers can get what we are worth maybe we can creat a a go fund me fund to advertise one day to strike if very one puts a dollar to that fund there is approx 45;000 uber drivers in the SF Bay Area we need to make some serious noise and get heard

  2. I am shocked! You both just popped up in one video. Kind of like Wonder women popping in on a Spider-Man movie. Hehe We just need Uberman and Rideshare guy in the back seat. The Fantastic 4 hehe. People are watching what you guys say and I agree. I have held off on updating the app and I can't log in. I had signed up with Lyft months ago and completed all the steps. The only thing I didn't do, was have the Vehicle inspected. This Thursday at 4pm my vehicle gets inspected. I will likely be driving Lyft starting Friday. I'm in L.A so I think Lyft is pretty busy out here. Yeah Uber really passed the fine line here. Also a little irritated with Uber passengers. After building a small compact HD compact music system that lets them play any song or band via touch screen in the back seat. They almost never tip.

  3. I was wondering why my google maps wasn't working last week smh . I have to put in the address on each ride into google maps. I noticed there was a difference in the amt listening to many of the riders. Hmmmmmm not good. Now it will only use Uber navigation and it tries to take me the longer way. Uber should be ashamed of themselves trying to cheat the passengers and the drivers.

  4. two of my favorites all in one video but if it's $400 you figure 25% that's $100 so he should keep 300 unless I'm doing the math wrong that's what it sounds like to me 25% of 400 is 100 so yeah 307 that is correct

  5. You guys are great people
    I want to leave you both with a thought
    We are overall responsible for everyone's well being,,,,working together to progress civilization is what is all about,,,,, these techie companies are doing the opposite so thank you for restoring faith I. Humanity
    You guys are great

  6. I'm not driving for Uber or Lyft as much I am doing Instacart I'm going to only do UberEats to fill in when Instacart is slow. They marked me off for not going to door but apartment complex does not allow us in we have to park and they have to meet us in designated area.

  7. About the maps I always used the uber ap for navigation because I known that the system acts wanky when you use anything else and now I can see that they intended for this to happen to force people to use their navigation, good video I like you both and how you tell it straight

  8. you can use Waze or google maps even after you have used uber navigation. one thing I have noticed our base pay dropped and our mile per rate pay has also since lyft has came to stl. I noticed this yesterday because I was saying to myself "why is my pay so low and I do the same rides per day or per week that I usually do". so I compared my time from April with the same ride and distance and the pay now is lower. surge I never got surge. I have been in the middle of it and didn't get surge. that's when I had 100% acceptance but when I stopped accepting some of the rides I got a surge call after its been 6 months. lyft have been here in stl for almost a month and I made in 2 rides what it would have gave me in 6 or more for uber. the primetime for lyft is awesome. I have just about stopped driving for uber and I do lyft now but I am going to stop all of it when lyft starts to decline.

  9. I saw the TOS on the app before you can sign in. I never feeled it out. I've been driving for Lyft the past 2 weeks.

    By the way I follow his channel, Uber Man, and Jermaine Ellis' channel too.

  10. Another Uber driver, who name is Jermaine Ellis and another brotha who drive, is how I ended up finding you and others on here. I think that I'd already pointed this out. But my overall point is, this has been very informative as well as help us all to both network and expose what's going on. You guys have and are helping out a lot of people who don't know what to do or what actions to take.

  11. Between 2015 and now, Uber spent Billions artificially growing the company with referral bonuses in hopes that they could transition to self driving cars as soon as possible. I remember when the sign up bonus was $1000. Rather than growing the driver base organically, they created a base they couldn't serve. If we are independent contractors, then every other driver out there is our competition. If this service is just about giving rides to strangers, the app design should be as simple as CraigsList with a GPS location service. Uber is making this industry more complicated than it needs to be. The only proprietary technology they might have is their algorithms that they use to rip us off. They are spending a lot of time and money making the world think they are something unique and invaluable when the truth is they are just another MySpace waiting for the next Facebook. Travis Kalanick (TK) will experience another failed project like his days at Scour soon. Uber has flown too close to the Sun on borrowed wings.

  12. Serious stuff! But, does this apply to me? I drive a convertible so I can only do uber eats. I didn't hear anything about new TOS for me. The only update they notified me of is more detailed pay breakdowns after trips. Delivery requests have slowed down a little, but I think that's just because I live in CT near 4 colleges. I actually decided to quit my job and do uber eats full time until I find a better job (uber actually plays more than my job), so I'm banking on things staying stable, at least for the short term.

  13. It's sad the way Uber is treating it's drivers! Sad and stupid… The stupid part is that a little balance and Uber makes money and the drivers make better money too. The sad part is I actually like driving and meeting the people, but I can't keep doing it for nothing. Right now I only go out when there is a surge or some promotions which there seems to be less of overall.

    I like your vids, it helps to know other people are seeing the same issues.

  14. I was binge watching apptrepreneur last night I saw one or two of his vids but yesterday I realized how nice his channel is drivegirldrive uber man and now the apptrepreneur are my favorites love y'all ?