Ex-Uber CEO Knew of Stolen Data, Waymo Says

Read the article here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-22/ex-uber-ceo-kalanick-knew-of-engineer-s-google-info-waymo-says

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  1. People I drive in Ann Arbor Michigan that are working with Goggle, Toyota ect, say driverless cars are at least 20 years away. They say cars will have driverless technology, but the robot car with out a human component is way down the road.

  2. Hi Randy I have a Apple iPhone 7 Plus with a HP windows 10 laptop. Do you know how I can mirror my phone to the laptop without buying a adapter? Is there a free download out there? If so could you please recommend one. I know with android being a open system there are more options. As always thank you for your time

  3. Actually, what's wrong? he ordered the data not come into uber's headspace? I can also see him (the ex not wemo/google employee) not get to write or directly suggest code as he could be comsidered "dirty" as the below video suggests. Technically, I think he did directly work with the code and coders(?)… I am guessing. the difference with the linked ibm example is you are not reverse engineering an existing product, but using existing /pre-release private corporate info. however, you do technically know what specs to look for. (I.e. moving cars… signs, etc) see this ibm example…. its discussed at 3:154:20 or so https://youtu.be/fCe0I3RJajY

  4. driverless cars might be in a 5 years scope minimum , but that would be as buying your first Teslas, not too many to worry about plus cars might be available but many city ordinances will have to change to accommodate them ,that takes lots of political hearings and tons of money and that wheel trends to spin pretty slow or gets snagged along the way , not even dmv has any rules changed on that either until someone puts out the money …if uber is going to profit ,they will have to cough billions….my 2 cents opinion.

  5. Not gonna compare him to Hitler again, but that dude is corrupt as hell. What sucks is the fact that Uber isvso successful, EVERYBODY could have done well. One man's greed, ego, and awful treatment of people has seriously hurt the company's image. Hurt their pocketbooks too!

  6. In regards to driverless cars: I know Bloomberg to be very credible. It's hard to predict it with the climate of control people are willing to pick up. Millennials are going to be willing to jump right in, but there's still a heavy amount of GenX people that are a little less trusting. We're going to need conductors in the cars like they had for elevators.

  7. Randy Shear for Uber CEO! He's been helping drivers for years. Just his Driver Insurance video alone saved me thousands of dollars and opened my eyes to the real risks of rideshare. Every Driver out there should be subscribed to this channel! The best message Uberman has sent out over the years is that there is more to this job than just picking up cheap drunk people.