Fair Access: Don’t Penalize Doordash Drivers

Join us as we shed light on the challenges faced by delivery drivers working for platforms like Doordash. Many drivers want access to third-party apps to improve their service, but doing so could risk their livelihoods due to platform policies. Let’s explore why fair access matters and why…


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  1. I generally agree with you, but you have to look at where the money is, and where it is not is in allowing us to optimize our earnings. They do not want you using other platforms or apps, as they lose control, and more of their orders will go undelivered. We are not the customer, we are the product, and their goal is to sell us for the lowest price to the actual customers.

  2. I ride a motorcycle. Need to be looking at my phone as little as possible. Need an app that will let me set a min payout and min dollars per mile and just show me those orders. I know this already exists, but don't remeber it's name.

  3. The third party apps on Etsy and Amazon are completely different from the DoorDash third party apps. The ones on Etsy actually help Etsy sales. No third party app for DoorDash, as far as I’m aware, helps DoorDash sales. They help the drivers that use them, which I’m all for, but there’s no benefit for DoorDash.

  4. I don’t really see any advantages and there’s already enough cheating. Most of the features can already be done without use of 411. Sanctioning the ability for third party access and it could lead to more turmoil.

  5. Great video as always. I agree that third party app should be allowed to be used on doordash and also Uber Eats and grubhub. It's not fair that drivers are being punished for trying to make more money and really ultimately benefit the customers and getting the orders quicker to them. You are right in that it will save the company's money by allowing the third-party apps to do what they do best. I suppose one could argue if they really are worried about privacy they could either design their own app or buy out one of the third party apps an integrate it into the main driver apps for doordash GrubHub and Uber Eats respectively.

    Also if I may say the multiple drops, the sound bites throughout the video take away from the main point of the video and the viewing experience as a whole. Leave the drops in the beginning or the end as you always have. Much love to you as always from Cali. Also when do you turn 35 so that we can help get you on the ballot for president?