First-Time Driving For Postmates

My thoughts and feedback on driving for Postmates.

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First-Time Driving For Postmates
postmates experience
driving for postmates


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  1. I mean the amount of people that complain about this job , you didn't have to go to a interview,take a assessment, literally all you do is deliver food y'all kill me with these app jobs y'all expect to get paid $25+ a hour , it's the most easiest job in the world it's not a damn government clearance job get over it or just stop working with them lol

  2. Hey Cecily,I started a few weeks ago and my first "Mission" was to go to Ralphs and actually shop like a "Shopper" and it took a while with many conversations to find the items and a task to get in the building to deliver the groceries. Yea is was like "Work" and I decided to call it the night since I had been driving earlier for Uber and had met my quota. I tried it a couple of times through the week and each time I did, I just made that single delivery and just didn't feel like another one. I'm still with them, however, it did allow me to appreciate Uber a wholllle lot more. I like people anyway and I get to promote the upcoming musical I'm in. Maybe one day thety'll shoot me some type of awesome incentive at postmates but until then,Super Uber Dooooo…#WoopWoop

  3. WARNING WARNING ——–I am assuming postmates is stealing your tips
    ….everyone should try this. Have the friend place an order while you wait for the pickup. If the order is assigned to another courier have your friend cancel the order. If successful compare payout and tips to what the friend has to pay. OR place an order yourself and close out the order with the courier there and compare payout and tips (assuming they aren't a goody two shoes).

  4. I totally agree but I drive in Los Angeles and I actually made a lot of money the other day because it was raining. I guess they pay more when it rains so you should try that. Also during certain hours they pay more.
    So true though I had delivered in pouring rain and walked in it being blown around by crazy wind lol to some rich young girl staying at the W hotel and the girl has the nerves to complain about how "specific" her directions were because I had trouble finding the entrance.

  5. No tipping is the reason I will not accept uber eats request. You bust your butt to get them their food and they say thank you and shut their door! I delivered someone $300 worth of food, also the food wasn't ready when I got to the resteraunt so I had to wait 25 minutes and still didn't get a tip. I'll pass on the deliveries, I'll stick with the no tipping uber passengers, at least I don't run the risk of getting a parking ticket while I'm inside a resteraunt picking up food.

  6. Hey Good morning Cecily… (I hoped I spelled it right).. Anyway, I'm on my way out the door and I have a quick question: Does Postmates do Dailypay? I started the Dailypay process before I got approved for Postmates as a just in case.. However, once I read through everything, it looks like they accept most except I didn't see Postmates on list. Thanks for your help.

  7. I feel the same. I drive for Uber and Uber Eats and it seems that the people who live in the nicest homes seem to not tip at all, yet I have had customers who live in not so great areas who are more than willing to tip. When I worked a job making less than a living wage, I always tipped, just out of courtesy.

  8. A neighbor of mine told me that he makes about $100 for 2-3 hrs work.. Now hearing your video makes me wonder if he was being 100%… I wonder why people just don't share the real..I signed up but I guess I'll see for myself, RIGHT? BTW, I absolutely love your channel and your personality. I'm here in LA as well!

  9. I have a question for you how is your roadside service have you ever thought about it you broke down had a flat tire lock your keys in the car need a tow or anything else like that and if your insurance will cover it for free and if not how much is going to cost you out of pocket

  10. one thing about postmates my buddy let me know about is postmates only pays from the restaurant to customer… so if were really far from the res. but the res. is close to the customer you will only get that minimum pay… stay away from res. your really far from!! ?