Whats up everybody, Joe here. I am an Uber/LYFT driver who is trying to share and spread my wisdom of what it’s like to be an Uber or Lyft driver. I give you tips tricks and a little bit of a reality check as to what to expect from driving for Lyft and UBER.

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uber passengers need to see this

Life update 3

My First Job

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  1. uber supplied me with phone cords for passengers, a multi-port cigarette lighter adapter, and a phone holder for the windshield. I thought the same thing as you about providing water, but then i saw my rating was sinking, to 4.73- fluctuating greatly between 4.95 and the latter… here you'll get 20 rides per day, if you do a good chunk of hours, (10 or so) I found at my local rite aid that by buying 50 waters at a discount they were having, the bottles only came to 15 cents per bottle… i'd say that for as little as 15 cents, you're damn right i'm going to go the extra mile just in case my rider is impressed with the extra service. anything to bump up the ratings.

  2. Hey bro. Just found your videos while I was looking up info on fedex and uber. I actually signed up with uber already and havent gone online cause I'm not sure I wanna do it anymore after all the horror stories I've heard. I live in West Palm Beach, Florida and it's not exactly the safest place. As far as fedex, I went to the sortwatch yesterday morning and filled out the application, now Im just waiting on the call hopefully for an interview. To be honest, I would rather do fedex since I've done that type of work at ups for seasonal work. I know it's a brutal job but Im not exactly a people person and that's whats keeping me from getting started with uber. I rather throw boxes around but I need to work since my full time day job pays shit here, like most jobs in Florida. Are you still working at fedex or thinking of quitting? I wanna get my foot in the door to become a delivery driver with fedex