Girl Talk: Uber Driver or Prostitute – Q&A

Hey guys! A subscriber and fellow driver contacted upset saying she felt like a prostitute. Please provide feedback in the comments for her as well!

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  1. I am constantly amazed at how hard life is for women because of the insanity of drunk men. How terrible it must be to feel like less than. I just wear whatever I put on in the morning and don't even think about it. Crazy that you have to plan what to wear to avoid annoying dudes. Thanks for the perspective!

  2. you are so lucky, I've always had to wear something like always some kind of dress pants or slacks, and nothing less than a polo shirt. your hopefully driving with Luck, yeah, that's always something I've had to be aware of, how you talk to people, how you deal with people and so on, as a man driving for Uber it's something always to be aware of, because Uber in this area had no problems dropping your rating if anything went wrong in your ride.

  3. I'm in the service industry. I'm a car salesman. Have been a waiter, bartender, mechanic, ect. People always feel like they own you or your service because they spent any amount of money and have an unrealistic perception of who you or they are. I am a big fan of the share economy: That being said, my auto customers have no idea who I am. They assume that I'm a sleezy vulture. I know more about finance, credit and investment than 92% of them. PHD or not. You set your own wealth. That's why it's called self-worth.

  4. That was a very reasonable vid, and good advice. Sadly, there's a fine line there…women should NOT have to wear garbage sacks just to drive unmolested, but if women dress in a way that sends the message they want their attractiveness to be appreciated, some men are going to see another, less innocent message.

    But that was a very perceptive point you made, that if this is a problem for a woman while driving for Uber, it's surely something she has to deal with in other environments as well. Great advice, and a good approach for any woman driver.

  5. Hey my Versa Sista….welcome back. I so understand how you feel about needing a break I just took off 4 days and I didn't even wanna ride or be in a car I was getting so burned out and it made me physically sick. I'm back now driving and its been great since I been back I'm going to start taking off at least 2 days so I can refresh. I live for your videos toy inspire me to go higher. Thank you and much love to you. Be safe out there.

  6. I just watch this video in its entirety this morning. And I think that your subscriber should definitely look into those other economy sharing platforms where customer interaction is absolutely minimal. You pick up the order, deliver it, say thank you to the customer and leave. I do not drive any people in my car I only drive products and food.

  7. i always hit on female drivers, im hoping to one day have one of them fall in love with me and marry me and then we can get a 1 bed room apartment in north hollywood then one day we will tell people about how we met.

  8. I would think UBER, would take action if you were propositioned for sex. These riders need to be reported. If the passenger was just being flirty and making you feel uncomfortable, just give them a low rating, and STILL report them to UBER, so it's on his record for future female drivers who pick him up.