Girl Talk: Woman Uber Driver Shares Several Crazy Stories With Male Pax

Hey Girlfriends! This is my first interview with Woman Uber Driver, actress and filmmaker Christina Fiorella! In this episode, she discusses several scary, crazy wild encounters she had with male pax. If you are a woman new to Uber or Lyft this video is a must-see.

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  1. I've thought about being an uber driver but I'm so scared to have random people sitting behind me, but I do enjoy your videos, especially these interviews. Have you thought about like an Uber Confessions (like taxicab confession..PG version of course) that would be an interesting YouTube channel Idea

  2. Great interview ? Most people have no idea how scary this job can be sometimes. ThankYou for bringing to light a new perspective of the Uber driver experience. You and your guest are both very brave to have gone through those experiences and not given up. Most times this job is very isolated and uncaring but I just want to say that these stories motivate me as a driver to keep at it. Just the other day, I felt like I was back in High School after picking up some unruly passengers who decided to see how many insults they could throw at me during the ride. It sucks that our only defense is to give them a low star ⭐️ rating. I can’t imagine how difficult this job can be for a woman who’s physical security is threatened by a passenger. Thank You for sharing this insight. ?