Google Maps vs Waze – Which is better for Uber/Lyft Drivers ?

In this video, I talk about which navigation app is better for Uber and Lyft drivers


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  1. The one problem I have using Waze with Uber is that if I set Waze as the default navigation the exact address does not transfer to Waze. It just send you to the street in the correct location, but, if you have an condo building entrance on both side of the street you don't now which one to turn into. I have switched back to Uber navigation, but, before leaving punch in the exact address in Waze and off I go. Does the exact address get transferred to Google Maps?

  2. i cant find other langgues in google map and no street name voicing (is that hiding somewhere?) although google map guide me the right place but no street name telling i try,,Waze has street name telling but sometime guide me totally wromg place

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  4. I switched to waze once my Google maps was crashing back early summer. .And waze is good but Google maps is better. ..I drive mostly by sound directions from my app and waze is like 2 seconds slower on letting me know turns and exits. ..I got an update on Google maps recently so I'm going to go back to it next week and see if it's back to its proper self…I do have an S4 so that might also be the issue of the previous crashes.

  5. I stopped using Waze because of the popups and the interface is to busy but I have an issue with Google Maps now in that I don't get the address until I actually arrive but I did get that with Waze (Waze also gave me the name of a business). Is there an additional setting for Google Maps that will give me the address immediately when I hit navigate like Waze does? Cheers – I have 9 rides under my belt today! <3

  6. I have 5S and never got an issue… so far. For the map, I used to navigate with Waze but it's kinda slow to direct you when you are trying to get out of a gas station ( Doesn't tell you right away which road should you take, unlike the Google map where it tells you exactly and instantly which road is your direction.

  7. If a particular app keeps crashing on you, then it's obvious to use the other. For me, Google maps is very stable but waze keeps crashing sometimes. Plus waze tends to be somewhat erratic with the guidance in the sense that it switches directions halfway especially if you stop at a junction.

  8. I like WAZE primarily because the information on the screen is as simple as it is gonna get. With Google Maps, it's just a sensory overload kinda thing with so much information that is unnecessary to my immediate need.

    That said, I have had occasions where Waze will just completely freak out during the middle of a trip on on the way to pick up a passenger. I am currently using a Samsung S5 Galaxy. The people at the T-Mobile store suggested that it is just an older Android OS (Lollipop, in my case) that is causing most of the problems. That, and the limited amount of RAM on my S5 compared to the newer S7 and some of the other, more current competitors. The T-Mobile guys even suggested that if I was going to buy a new phone that I should look into the OnePlus 3 phone because it's specs are off the charts (more RAM, best processor, bigger hard drive space, etc.) They don't even carry the OnePlus phones at T-Mobile, so I presume he had nothing to gain in suggesting that one. Another thing he mentioned was using any phone that has the ability to get LTE Band 12. Apparently that particular band/signal/whatever is the strongest thing around, and only some of the newer phones can get it. I dunno, just regurgitating what he told me.

    Getting back to the WAZE vs Google Maps thing. I suspect that I would probably prefer Google Maps if I had started with that, but I just got used to WAZE, and I'm as likely as not to just stick with what I am already comfortable with.

  9. I"m a Waze fan. Google maps does provide more direct routes, with fewer turns, but it doesn't reroute around traffic as quickly as Waze does. I do like Google maps for the lane recommendation and business names and such, but Waze definitely saves time, and that gives me more buck for my bang.

  10. I'm a new driver and I was using Google maps, no problem.
    One of my passengers told me about Waze so I switched. Waze is more in depth and informative.
    I drive in District of Columbia and parts of Maryland they have Red Light cameras, and Speed cameras, Waze probably saved me from a couple of tickets.I live in Virginia and we don't have those. However, my biggest problem is once you arrive at the passenger there is a lag or some type of interference with the Lyft App which causes a delay. It happened every time tonight .
    As I stated I am new and they can't happen, I'm going back to Google in the Lyft App. I will run Waze while in the background for speed cameras.

  11. I like Waze and it works fine as a stand alone, but when I try to use it with thee Uber app, it tells me there is no GPS signal. I've tried preloading it and calling it directly with the Uber app. Same result once you plug in the Uber address by hitting Navigate. This happened on my fiirst night out and completely stressed me out. I quickly went to Google Maps with no issues. I am running it on a Droid Z Force. Don't know if it is a hardware issue or what. The bad part is you really don't know if it is working (occasionally it does) until you get a ping and hit Navigate. Then you are stuck pulling over and reloading Google Maps. Can't figure out who to go to with the problem, Uber? Google? Waze?