Sign up to drive for LYFT using the link below and use my PROMO CODE to get a $100.00 or more BONUS:

Sign up to drive for UBER using the link below and use my PROMO CODE to get a $100.00 or more BONUS:

UBER CODE: rockwella2ue

My Favorite Rideshare You Tube Channels:
Jermaine Ellis
Buck Living
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Uber Man
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LyftZone (Philly Nate)
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  1. Hey, Nash. I finally figured out your strategy. And it's brilliant. There is one thing still bugging me, though. Let's say opted hrs are 12am-3am with $30 hr. Say at 12:45am, you picked up a passenger at opted area and the ride ends at 1:05am, does the fare or the money you made fall under 12am or the 1am shift

  2. You would think that LYFT and UBER would offer constant guarantees to keep drivers dedicated to to their company. I just started driving for lyft and the pay is poor if not in surge areas. I sent a email to lyft stating if they want dedicated lyft drivers that they need to offer the guarantee each week to all drivers. If i don't get the guarantee then i'll load Uber app and use both at the same time…. which uber and lyft don't want.

  3. As of next week Lyft has changed the guarantees in NJ. It will now be 1 trip in area or 3 trips anywhere else but they have also expanded the guarantee area to include my house and more than 20 mikes in each direction, so I can sit home watching tv waiting for a ping. Last night I got my first ping during the 10-11 hour at 10:40 so I watched most of Blue Bloods (rest was recorded) during a $30 guarantee and took in $5.50 but will be paid on $30. Not a bad deal.

  4. thanks for the help, I also drive in nashhhhhh!! but, I thought, for example if the guaranteed hr is $30 and it says 12-5 am, you are not required to drive all 5 hours? each hour is seperate as long as you meet the requirements?

  5. Every Lyft driver needs to be aware that Lyft counts tips paid through the app as income for the guarantee. So if they guarantee $20 / hr and you take in an average of $17 per hour and average $4 in tips you do not get the guarantee becsuse counting tips you averaged $21 / hour.

  6. Thx for that tip! I actually have another problem with guaranteed hours… Often I can't complete those 50min simply cuz I get the ride that takes me out of the zone and I can't make it back on time… especially when I get a ride to NYC where I can't pickup customers.. I drive in North Jersey…