Harry’s CNBC Interview: Unpacking the Uber-Hertz Deal and Its Perks for Drivers

Harry recently appeared on a CNBC video discussing Hertz’s relationship with Uber, and why driving a rented Tesla might be a good option for some drivers. Drivers, what are your thoughts? Would you ever go electric? Seems like a viable option for some cities, especially considering charging is…


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  1. No. Hertz fiddles too much with your bank account and on the flip side…Uber will glitch your earnings. Theoretical yes but application NO. Of course they want this…then they have full time employees without giving ANY benefits! Just a multi market bs scam

  2. Bull*** Hertz NEVER have rentals available. Even after You've made your Reservation. Hertz will rent a Car to a NON Uber Driver than to an Uber driver. This has happen to me a number of times. Because Hertz & Avis only have a FEW cars for Drivers.. I Drove from the Med Center to Sugarland & South Houston (more than 20 miles). No car after a Reservation. Retink your Message. I had over 6,000 trips at that time..😂

  3. Tesla is not a luxury feeling tide. I drive a Toyota Avalon that has a smoother ride and a quieter cabin than a Tesla. I drive private and many Tesla owners tell me my car rides better then theirs

  4. This partnership is flooding the rideshare markets with more unnecessary drivers on the platform. They work for a month maybe two then quit when they figure net profit isn't what they thought it would be. Over saturated markets needs to be seriously seriously addressed utilized hours ate falling below 70% and this is unfair to seasoned drivers who have given thousands of trips whonare now earning under $20/hr on average.

  5. 10 tesla are sitting dead at the charging station in Oakbrook 3 in Palatine lmao Where is the power lmao I will never rent or own an electric car . In fact I'm selling all my Tesla stock. THEY DONT WORK IN CHICAGO Tesla will not hold a charge in this bitter cold uber drivers are stranded all over and customers are walking… ok do your research.

  6. Well Hold On Harry lets talk of Car Cost VS owning it versus renting it for four weeks out of the month at $360×4=$14,40 Monthly x12 Months =$17,280 you still have to pay the E charge how much money is the guarantee to take home?

  7. Check out WGN news 15 teslas towed out of Rolling meadows Near Chicago because they won't hold charge in this below zero weather 1 driver only can drive 2 hrs … hertz in Chicago gives driver s cars that will get you deactivated.. they have check engine light on and are dirty and smell like weed. I WIll NEVER USE HERTZ