High demand Uber, Lyft and Juno driving times in New York

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  1. Uber used to put their icon on each trip that was surge pricing. They no longer do, so, I have to screenshot the surge announcement to attach with the help request for EVERY trip!!! It gets adjusted then and shows up on my next earnings..Have you experienced this in your area?

  2. Right on!!!!! only one thing to add. NYC Mid town is a huge traffic jam rush hour, as expected, so it may take you longer to pick up riders and if they don't understand that you have to go around the block to pick them up due to ONE WAY traffic streets and NO TURNS in some main Avenues, they may get mad and cancel. But the info is gold, thank you

  3. And the problem with midtown being so busy is most streets we can't make turns during rush hour only straight and tons of gridlock so a pickup might take 15 minutes then the customers get mad and or cancel. Especially around Trump tower so much traffic and security.