How Chicago Is Attempting To Control Rideshare Services (2 of 5)

On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and John Tillman, President & CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute discuss Chicago’s newest rules for rideshare drivers (Uber, Lyft etc), how the Mt. Sterling City Council voted against discontinuing water services to the Western ILL Correctional Center – which could affect more than 400 jobs – and more.


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  1. If you expect, and demand, that politicians lay out their bottom priorities, the sort of monkey business you talk about largely goes away. That's not something you have to wait for. It's a purely "in your own head" change.

    The way it works is that politicians lay out how much money they want to spend, the tax and borrowing they would like to fund it, and then break the spending up into 10 buckets, each representing one tenth of the spending. Every dollar goes into a bucket. So you end up on record identifying what are the lousiest, least worthwhile things being funded at present. People who vote for stuff they say is in their bottom priority but vote to cut stuff in what's supposed to be a higher priority are either lying about their priorities (throw the bum out) or they're sociopaths looking to hurt people (throw the bum out).

    We should expect that politicians have an opinion no everything they fund. We should be paying attention to the bottom stuff a lot more because that's where we catch them playing their games.