How to be a top 1% Uber Driver

My tips, tricks and strategies to getting 5 stars every time while making more money.

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  1. wow this dude doing to much just ratings lmao and we don't get paid extra for rating .I been driving for uber for two years rating is a 4.87 was 4.92 last to months but these haters rider's started rating me bad say what .

  2. what bothers me is the fact that, we as Uber drivers a.k.a. ride-sharing peeps, people want to see the car clean to a shine and all sorts of picky shit.. they forget the fact that this isnt a taxi company really and im not really suppose to satisfy you with all kinds of pampering. water, gum, shiny clean ride, and all.. riders choose Uber because they dont want to pay taxi fares that are 2 times the price PLUS tips and dont want to ride the bus. you are in a personal vehicle not a company taxi car.. dont expect it to be riding in a fucking town car. i personally keep my car clean inside and keep a nice smell (im a smoker so i try to cover it up lol) but in winter time, my car gets dirty every fucking 5 minutes right after cleaning it. i had a rider telling me my car is dirty when we just had a snow storm and slush everywhere and i decided to help people out with some rides. and i got a bad review for that.. 2015 Hyundai sonata.. mint condition. always clean. and u still will have dumb fucking riders complaining lol.. i stopped uber for abit i was so pissed and didnt give a shit anymore. plus the pay is awful.. never promotions. no guarantees. surges last 2 minutes. everyone was saying how its great and u make thousands.. not true! ex: 1 trip i made, 35 minutes in dead stop traffic, to drive 20 kms, got 15 bux.. a taxi or even my friends would offer me 20-30 bux taxi would probably be 30-35 plus tip!

  3. I have notice the higher your rate is the more stars you have to achieve for your rates to go up. for example if your rate is a 4.83 you have to get at least 35 stars in the road before your rate goes up.

  4. Uber has been banned in Budapest for almost a year now, but I was driving for them before. If I'd put a light-up Uber sign on my windshield, taxi drivers would have killed me, raped my corpse, trash my car, and then burned it with my raped corpse inside.

  5. I appreciate the passenger's interest, I guess, but tired of the questions how I like driving for Uber or how long I've been driving for Uber, or if I make good money driving for Uber – when's the last time a client or customer asked you, within 60 seconds of saying hello, how much money you make?
    A lot of riders say "you must see a lot of crazy stuff" – no, I don't, I'm not the freaking internet, this is a car, there's only so much room, so people usually just sit there and I'm driving to your home or workplace, or wherever you go, so you tell me. I have fun though. ha

  6. its total bologne that you can have the highest rating while doing exactly the same things that i do!…. 1 year and 8 months working on my rating… my car was good for uber select but the highest rating i ever had was 4.74 and that doesnt meet the 4.75 minimum

  7. LMFAO at this kid bragging about being in the top 1% of all Guber drivers!!
    You're doing way too much for people who don't care about you or tip you lol!!

    Do Uber Eats, and I can show you how to make twice as much money with less than half the work