How To Cancel Long Uber Trips PLUS Acceptance vs Cancellation Rate | AskEzra #1

I answer a viewer’s question about how to identify & cancel Uber trips to faraway destinations. I also discuss acceptance rate & cancellation rate.

Uber’s deactivation policy can be found here:

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  1. Not sure how old this video is but Uber tries to prevent drivers from canceling rides. The way they do this is if you go to cancel a ride that you just started it tells you "it's too soon to cancel this ride if there's a problem just complete the ride and resolve the issues later". It's really obnoxious, and most importantly delays your jilted rider from getting a willing driver, because their app is tied up on an "active" ride.

  2. Oh yes, let's cancel a long Uber trip, in favor for the short two dollar trips. That's always going to make sense.
    Thank You It's called craigslist. You put an ad up in the rideshare thread and advertise a decent per mile charge. Worked for me.
    I found an Anesthesiologist that needed a ride 3x a week for $130/day. It was awesome.

  3. Good video. I usually start the trip and when I see it's somewhere I don't want to go I'll say: sorry, that's outside of my range and I'm trying to get back home to (name somewhere in the opposite direction). I apologize for the inconvenience, but Uber does not give driver's the rider's destination in advance.

    You put the blame on Uber for not providing a destination and allowing you to make a decision upon receiving the request.

  4. Okay, this seems like it's not the popular opinion, but you've got to look at the golden rule here. Think of being on the passenger's end of things. BTW, before I go any further, I've been getting a lot of bad passengers lately, so please don't think I'm siding with the passengers. A though, in all fairness, we're only able to get work because of them. They use the app to meet their transportation needs, and expect it to be reliable. Please don't cancel on passengers you guys. That's not fair to them, and very frustrating when they have to waste time searching for another driver. Even if you call them ahead of time and ask their destination, please avoid that at all costs…
    As a driver, you need to be prepared ahead of time. And huge thing not mentioned in this video is the *DESTINATION feature***! Use it to your advantage (and use it wisely, as you only get 2 a day). If you're getting too tired, hit that button before you get a possibly long ride and it's too late and you're drowsy driving by then. Gotta go to the bathroom? How long do you think you can hold it? Utilize the "stop new requests" feature so you don't risk getting a long ride and not being able to hold it in. How much gas do you have? Be prepared, too. It's called being professional. If you even just don't feel like driving for much longer, staying online is a risk you take. Don't stay online when you've got places to be, because there are longer rides that happen. Use the destination feature if you're on a time constraint.
    Also, if you're just complaining about going far and not getting requests back; know that Uber pays more for distance, than time. Only time this wouldn't be good, is if you're trying to hit those weekly X-amt of ride bonuses, and long trips could make you lose out on hitting that goal before the deadline. Otherwise, at least in the Chicago market, the longer rides pay more than continuous short rides. Even if you're spending time driving back with no rides, it's still more money.

  5. You didn't answer the question he asked. You assume that he found out the destination before he started the ride. He wanted to know how to canx the trip after he hit 'start trip' and found out how far it was. The simple answer, the correct answer, is to hit 'drop off' and apologize to the rider and explain why you can't take them.

  6. OK . Question. If you in fact did hit start trip, you are not able to cancel. But how do you then turn your 5 min wait/click on to get paid if they don't show up in 5 min? And a customer does not want to cancel since they pay a $2 cancellation fee( it happened to me)

  7. I am a new driver, I don't know all the ins and outs yet but I am becoming suspicious of one thing. sometimes when a rider gets in I ask them where are you going, on several occasions they didn't reply at all, I am wondering if Uber tells the riders not to tell drivers where they are going?

  8. I have ended a trip once after it started, the lady was going 45 miles and I was finishing, I told here sorry I have limited time please request another ride. them emailed Uber and complained about not knowing where the passanger going

  9. Hello from Singapore! I appreciate your videos on tips !

    Do you recommend staying put in a place rather than driving around to receive passenger requests ? How Ling do you recommend staying in a spot ?

  10. Hi Ezra, I am new to Lyft but I've been driving for Uber for about 2 years. Can Lyft terminate you for low acceptance rating? Some of my trips can be 20 to 30 minutes long. I live Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! Thanks!

  11. yo Ezra loving the videos, do you have any rideshare insurance videos , I have a hertz rental and was told by my insurance I couldn't insure it because it wasn't under my name , I'm looking for period one policy , any ideas