How to find a job in Las Vegas

Getting work in Las Vegas. If you’re not prepared, you might need some help. Here is how we got jobs in Las Vegas. If you are moving to Las Vegas this is what you can expect when trying to find work.
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  1. moved to vegas and stated to raise a a special needs child abandoned with me. vegas is a façade. tourist and local. most jobs are garbage, low pay. vegas attracts the worst of the worst. scary neighborhoods, drugs, gangs and illegal hookers. watch an episode of cops. neighbors don't interact with neighbors. walled communities all over town. all the money goes to casinos and residents stay broke. bartender, ticket punchers, cab drivers and waitress are typical :carreers".

  2. As someone who has lived here and worked here most of his life. Here are some pointers.

    High-end jobs at Casinos.
    1. No felony record (Any casino job)
    2. Must prove over 10 years work experience and cannot have any gap in employment longer than a month.
    3. Must wait for Federal, State, County, and local background checks. Only on high-end jobs, Cashier, Dealer, Busser, ect do not need to go through some of this.
    4. You have to know what you are applying for. IT, surveillance, and some others are the most difficult to get in. It can take sometimes up to 6 months or more to get a high-end job. ( High-end job) one that requires a degree, certifications, ect.. And yes they will be checked)
    5. If you decide to be a dealer at a casino, you are the most hated people here, if that is what you want. Every department in a majority of casino personnel does not like you. Next are cocktail waitresses in that list. Try not to be one of them.
    6. Do what you are told by I.T. they tell you back off the line you do it. You called them, they did not call you.
    7. Do not lie on your Resume, if you do it is file 13.
    8. Do not lie on your application. (A majority of casinos will find out if you lie in less than thirty seconds on your resume) Yes, you are being reviewed.
    9. You are watched everywhere you go remember that. Even a local street corner
    10. Better know someone in the industry, to even get a job here.
    11. Any job out here will be hard to get, employers look at over 100,000 resumes and applications per day. That is the average right now in Vegas.
    12. If you cannot stand the heat get the hell out of here, this is not your place.
    13. Do what you are told when you are told by anyone higher than you. That will cost you your job in less than 30 seconds.
    14. Walk on eggshells, if you don't know the saying then look it up.
    15. Yes bow down to the higher end jobs they can fire you on site, they have full control. E.G. Cocktail waitress does not move for I.T. or Engineers and thinks she is better = Fired. If you are told to back off the line in a casino cage by Security, I.T. Electisians, ect that you called and do not do so, you will be fired..

    Take if from someone in the industry, not saying where I work at but a Vice President of one of the Casinos.

  3. This isn't true in my case, I've worked (and still do) in facilities at hospitals, nursing homes and homeless shelters in NYC and I moved to Vegas for a few months and couldn't find work anywhere and nobody had an H.R. department, everybody told me to file an application ON-LINE, which is the same as saying HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

  4. LOVE LUCY!!!! My Chihuahua's Name is Wally. Can you also make a video about your experiences as a new tree resident of Las Vegas. How is it different from other places where you've previously lived. Coming from a crowded place like NYC, I'm interested in how different resident life is in Las Vegas. I've lived in other states and an do find differences in daily life.

  5. Thank you for the information. I expect to go there with a retirement income. My daughter is 24 years old, works in the restaurant business, and has the health safety certification for NYC. We're hoping she can transfer with her company since they own and manage several properties in Las Vegas.