How to Increase Your Uber Rating

In this video, I talk about a simple tip that will get you better ratings. A lot of Uber drivers try way too hard and come off as desperate. Don’t be “that guy”


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  1. I think it's messed up how we don't get tips from most people. That never happened in the taxi business. I got a one star rating and have no idea why. My friend suggested me to wear a Burger King Crown to make people laugh.

  2. great tips! I supplied my passengers with water, mints, tissues etc… made NO difference. I made a few wrong turns here and there and my ratings went down (I had an old 4S which was not helping) so I upgraded to a 7 plus major improvement no mistakes and I could see my ratings go up so its navigation mistakes that will hurt you.

  3. Every driver is different, I agree. Not everyone has the gift to read there passengers. I am totally just like you see on me videos. I do not ask for 5 stars and really not concerned about it. I chose to give the gift cards because it is fun to see the reactions as well. I did not start filming until about my 700th pax. Just be yourself. If you a re 5 star person, you will receive 5 stars. The passengers for the most part know what is going on. Cheers and Happy New Year!!

  4. Great tips man! Most of this is universal but people can be different for every market. Here in GA people like the Southern charm/hospitality (Warm welcome, good convo, etc.). A lot of people here also don't understand the rating system (some think 4 stars is still okay). I agree you shouldn't kiss booty but I put some professional signs on the back of my front seats and I've averaged over ratings over 4.9 the past 3 weeks. Again it can be different for other areas but I thought I'd share what helped me out. Thanks again for your vids man!