How to Install Uber Driver App on iPad, iPad Mini & iPhone-Untrusted Enterprise Developer App Fix


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How to Install Uber Driver App on iPad:

In this tutorial Ill walk you though the process of where to find, download, and install the Uber Driver Partner App on the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s and 6s Plus. Ill also show you how to trouble shoot and fix the Uber Untrusted Enterprise Developer App notification/warning which prevents you from completing the Uber Driver Partner App install process. Its a pretty simple procedure.

Many drivers now are using larger tablet for rideshare on both IOS and Android devices as they may find it to be easier to read GPS navigation or the Uber App interfaces. Uber & Lyft drivers are also using multiple devices at the same time as well. I recently downloaded the Uber Partner App on my iPad mini, and will be using it along with my iPhone 6s as an additional, or backup device.

Uber Untrusted Enterprise Developer App Troubleshoot:
1. Go to “Settings” 2. Click on “General” 3. Scroll down to “Device Management” 4. Click on “Uber Technologies Inc” 5. Enable and Verify Trust. Thats it!



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  1. For the ipad are you running the app on the ipad that has a cellular connection or are you using Bluetooth to connect to an iphone that has the cellular service. My wife and I want to use ipads but need to know what to get. We have iphones but our provider is virgin mobile which is a great service but all Ipads we see with cellular service are for sprint, at&t, verizon or tmobile. How are you running uber?

  2. Hey man! Thanks for all the great info and videos… I have a question. If you use an IPad mini with a data plan, what about when someone tries to call or message you? Do you have to have your phone running the uber app as well? How does this work? I'm thinking of buying and iPad mini…

  3. Hello, and thanks for the video. 🙂

    I have a couple of questions if you don't mind:

    1) Is there a good way to mount an iPad or iPad Mini in a car like a Prius?

    2) Can I transfer the Micro SIM card from my iPhone to an iPad or iPad Mini to gain access to voice and data?

    Thank you.

  4. I was also using the Uber app on my Mac, but I can't find the right link to do so. Every time I try to find the link on Google, it takes me in an endless circle to the sign up new driver page, and not the sign in page. Also, I changed my navigation to Google maps, but both the Uber and Google Maps talk at the same time when I am driving.

  5. Excellent video. Currently I do Uber with an old Android Samsung Tab 3 w/data plan. I'm planning to buy an Ipad Pro wifi so this video helps me a lot.
    I never have an Apple product so I don't know if the uber driver app it's in the app store. Greetings from Panama and sorry for my English.

  6. I was reading the info on the TomTom app in the ISO App Store or Apple App Store. According to the full version the TomTom. It downloads the whole map of the United States. So no data will be use for Navigation.

    My question is this. Can that TomTom app be selected as well like you did when you select Google maps? Also I know you download and store areas in Google maps. Example NYC. So you can used google maps without using data. Have you heard of that?

    Thank you in advance for making all the useful videos. ?