How To Make An Uber Website For More Referral Money

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This video shows step-by-step how to create an Uber website as an Uber driver.

To WATCH and READ the video and post on my blog go here:

Get the tips you need to boost your income using your referral code the smart way. Having your own Uber blog on a Hostgator server will allow you to maximize your money without driving so much in your car.

Make $6,000 A Month With Uber

I use Hostgator for my personal Uber blog which allows me to make thousands of dollars monthly. There are other web-hosting services you can use, but I trust my Uber business with them.

Here is a shortcut to the affiliate link mentioned in my video:

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  1. I am not even done watching this vid but I have to stop and say thank you! You have made everything so simple yet detailed explanations. I just signed up and am now finding your vids for advice/tips/training; even more than I knew was available or possible!! Thank You!

  2. Mr. Informative. You are dropping real jewels. It's obvious you make enough money doing whatever you do. Only a person with the true understanding of how to make money would give it away I love you. My brother!

    Thanks for empowerment!

  3. hey I'm following these steps and I'm not getting the contents your getting, I'm all up for making money but it cost money to do this stuff and I'm stuck on how to do all the things your showing me. I need further assistance please.

  4. Great advise! Thanks! Do you also use business cards? I know this is strictly for your website referrals but if you did decide to drive because of an invent that may have been happening in your city. Do you give out business cards to your passengers with your website or just allow Uber to send the customer the review survey?

  5. Thanks for confirming my hunch. I had suspect the exact same thing regarding the rider's rating. Like yourself, I am a high star driver. One of the highest here in San Francisco. Sometimes I'll see my score drop a point, which had me puzzled. At first I'd came to the conclusion that some people will do things for shits and giggles. I still believe that. But it was recently that I''d thought about the riders, possibly confusing me with other riders, due to frequent riding as well as not getting back using the app immediately. Based on your video, my hunch turned out to be right. I look at my rating, and almost 100 percent that are rated are 5 stars per week.

    Dressing is like your car. You want to make a first good impression. So I just as well as keep the car clean and smelling good. It's that marketing thing. People don't realize that when people get in your car, they're going to tell you that your car smells good. I get it all of the time. And I also read my comments. Those things are vital. As I'd told a sistah here who was doing if briefly, but quit due to rider's negative personality. I'd told her, that it's all in the attitude, further telling her, that I rarely have issues with my riders. Communication is vital/key. I can count on one hand where I'd had issues.

    Btw. I do websites. I'm also a photographer. I took this job so that I can finish working on my portfolio (photography major) where my other job didn't allow me the flexibility. I have a background in both photography, web design and graphic design. The Uber shirt idea is golden. Thanks for that advice. I'm going to jump on it.

  6. Greetings Calvin.

    I've been following your YouTube page and website for a while now. Very insightful. Love your enthusiasm. I've gone thru most of the steps to build the website but have hit a snag on incorporating the theme I purchased to make it look unique. (I'm good with computers, just not with building websites.)

    I have a question about the referral code as well. When incorporating it within your website/blog, what page should the hyperlink lead to? I'm having an issue finding the proper uber page to drive potential new drivers to in order to began benefitting from referral bonuses.

    Other than that, keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to being on your level one day!

  7. I have a question what content should I be putting on the website yours look cool and for starters as a newbie I'm not going to lie in other words I don't have them big $$$$ as of yet so how would u have a newbie website with like $200.00-$500.00 on it ….

  8. Calvin, you are the man! Thanks for this. Probably a silly question however why buy your domain name from godaddy and not from hostgator? Appreciate your response. Have an awesome day. Please keep the valuable vids coming.

  9. Hey Calvin thanks for taking the time out of your day to explain everything, record and edit, then post the vids. I know its a lot of work. So I'm about ready to give my first ride and I want to model my business from the info you provided. As for marketing and website go, how long before I should create my own website with my own info about Uber would you suggest? Also, I want to do business cards that refer to my website so I should wait obviously to print those out till after the websites up and running but I feel waiting will cause me to lose referrals. What did you do first and how long did you wait before creating each?

  10. Hi Calvin, Thanks for this video. The Uber web site at the "Send Invites" page where you referenced your referral code says the following: "You agree that your referral code: …may not be … made available to the general public (whether posted to a public form or otherwise), unless expressly permitted by us". Did you obtain express permission from Uber? Or do you think your redirect technique gets around Uber's restriction on not making your referral code available to the general public? I drive for both Uber and Lyft and tried what you wrote with Lyft before realizing it was against their policy. They discovered it and slapped me down for it and deactivated my referral code. The policy wording is very similar between Uber and Lyft. I've been scared to implement this web site referral technique of yours for fear that Uber will deactivate my referral code or deactivate me as a driver for violating their policy. I'll be eagerly awaiting your take on this.
    Thanks & Regards,
    ~ Wes