How to make money with airport rides for Uber and Lyft. tips and tricks for rideshare success.

In this video I describe a strategy I use for maximizing profits using Uber and Lyft for airport rides. This will help you avoid the bar rush if you would rather work mornings. I hope this is helpful and I would really appreciate any feedback or information you can share to help me. Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. can u do a video showing how 2 pickup and drop off at airport. i was reading the uber how to pdx document and it didnt make sense .. the whole upper and lower thing.. really appreciate your videos..informative and entertaining..keep it up.

  2. Let me ask you this? How many miles did you put on your car that day? With so many airport rides, I am assuming you put on a lot of miles. You said you maid $95. Did you factor in the wear and tear on your car? You need to deduct 20-30cents every mile you put on your car for wear and tear and depreciation of the car. Consequently, if you drove 100 miles, that's about $16-$24 of expenses, plus gas, around $8. So, I am willing to bet, you most likely made about $50 that day.

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  4. So far, for me, this is the best rideshare advice video so far! I took your advice. Got up around 3 AM. Took a shower then drove towards airport (23 miles). Got a surge ride just after 4AM! Boom! Multiple airport rides plus downtown rides in 4 hrs! My best so far. (Been doing rideshare for a month) Thank you and thumbs up AppDrivenGuy!

  5. Don't drive AT ALL anywhere without it being taking a ride. You're not getting paid for those miles. Don't fool yourself. Time is money, spend it making it with passengers instead of going to wait for bigger $. You're going to have to drive home x amount of miles anyways when you're done driving for the day.

  6. you talked about just using Uber for longer airports runs…..why not use lyft (or do you) since it pays more? I got snagged a lyft airport run in Orchards (Northeast Vancouver) as I was trying to get home at 3 am. I prioritize the lyft app when trying to get home so I don't get dragged back out…..because of less demand…and I don't mind one or two more rides as I try to get home. Of course I had to call uncle last night and turn the apps off after this ride as I was too tired to continue.

  7. When you're out in the early am looking for an airport ride are you driving around or waiting at certain spot? Or do you wait at a certain spot for 20 mins or so and then drive to another spot and wait for awhile if no ping at the first? Thanks. Great video.