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Simple advice on how to maximize your income potential with Rideshare. You must diversify in this App Driven economy if you don’t want to be sitting around waiting to make minimum wage.

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  1. Hey AppDrivenGuy, love watching your vids they're very informative & straight to the point keep up the good work sir. I have a question about the Amazon Flex app, & it's about the gps on the app. Could or can you use google maps to find the address you need to go to while keeping the flex app minimized? And once you arrive to your destination for delivery bring up the flex app to show that you have arrived. Since the google maps gps seems to be more accurate than the flex app gps. Have a great day sir & thanks for your time.

  2. hey man I really appreciate of your video. I am thinking about doing amazon flex as my part time job( I am a part time student ) Do I have to pay taxes for Amazon flew? how much does it usually gonna be ? thank you !

  3. On a more serious note. Battery life is a serious issue for me, not you? I have two back up batteries and two flex shifts drain two, sometimes all 3. Yes I have a car charger but the app drains the battery faster than the charge. Running 4-5 apps at ounce?….can't imagine.

  4. If you could only target hungry Uber and Lyft customers that are Amazon executives that need a ride to the airport. That would be a perfect world!  hahaha. Hope you and the family are doing well. Been a couple weeks but I keep checking in. Take care amigo.

  5. Hey man, I'm a full-time student and Amazon flex seems really appealing. I can't drive for Uber and lyft because my car isn't registered in Colorado. However, they don't have any openings currently in Denver for flex. Do you have any idea when positions open up? Do they open up frequently?