How to Make Tips with Uber – RideShare Supplies

Just because Uber doesn’t have a tipping feature, it doesn’t mean you can’t be making tips. In this video, I review a product that encourages passengers to tip their Uber & Lyft Drivers.

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Comment (8)

  1. Not a bad idea (although nobody really tips in Australia) …but the sign dangling off my mirror would annoy me as a driver, distracting my full windshield view. If I bought these I'd cut them shorter so they don't get in my face, or perhaps find somewhere else they can go.

  2. Signs are a great idea in my opinion. I spent $7 to make 2 laminated signs that hang around the back of my front seats. I made the money back in about 6 hours of work. Again this is my experience in my market but I've gotten nothing but compliments. If you're signs are professional then you'll be fine. Hope this helps!

  3. Great info. You do an awesome job of articulating in front of the camera. If you want even more tips and better ratings you can offer riders the all new Car Comfort Device from Not to mention if your spending a lot of hours driving or in traffic this product works hard against fatigue. Bcomfy!!