How UBER driver’s feel after a year of driving

How I feel from time to time doing Rideshare. Doing UBER and Lyft for so long. This is the way I can feel sometime.

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  1. You ain't never lying on this. …Those stinky people piss me off so bad. Its like dang why you gotta walk around stank that's why I spray my Febreeze every 3 minutes and dare them to say something cuz I will go off and say you should wash your funky a$$ before you get in anyone's car, don't nobody wanna smell your awfulness.

  2. man…..that was kinda depressing. I don't drive at night or I guess I would feel the same way. I very rarely meet rude people doing the day time driving. But I also understand for a full time gig you have to drive the drunks around. I do it part time and 300 a week does me fine. Wish you luck. Hate to see you down…you're always so upbeat.