I Almost got Fooled into Buying this 2x Wrecked Nissan 370z!!!

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  1. The replacement airbags for the Lincoln only cost $30 per bag , .. I remember when these cars cost crazy money to replace the airbag system. Now it doesn’t cost 💩.. i would never convert the air ride to springs . I would just order the airbags online and call it a day .

  2. I had a 95 Continental in that same color but mine had the console shifter. The dash is actually a projector/mirror. When it was cold it would be dim and would brighten up as it warmed up. Was a nice car but wasn't a head turner.

  3. the only thing worth anything on the z would be the motor after being wrecked if it seriously has 19k miles and nothing has been messed with. but even though i'm not a ford fan i would take the lincoln over the smart. also can the public bid on any of the cars?

  4. I had a black 99 Lincoln Continental.. never had any problems with the 32 valve.. not even a coil ! I beat the ball bag outta the car lol it was fun.. air suspension never gave me any trouble.. I would load up the trunk with way more weight then I should have.. I literally put a 40 gallon rv water tank in the trunk.. filled it up and also a few deep cycle batteries and 30 lb propane tank in the back seat ! It took it all , was a bit sketchy travelling at 70 mph for nearly 3 hrs. Lol the transmission I replaced the torque converter and the valve body.. took 45 mins to pull the transmission..

  5. If you can find another Lincoln with front end damage but good rear suspension, and swap out the rear suspension into that one, job done. Then you can sell off any surplus parts from the damaged one.