I Miss Amazon Flex

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  1. I do flex in Dallas. they asked a bunch of us to change to prime, everyone that I know that changed over to prime complaining about not getting blocks not enough time to get to the waiting areas. I got lucky

  2. Alex . Good to see you doing good but you need to get up and get moving. You got the e bike ? you got almost all shared economy apps on your phones ? you are lacking the power to be out all day . What are you waiting for ? Christmas ?

  3. GH, the other catch with making their hourly minimum, you have to make 90% acceptance rate for the day. Here in DC, you have the entire city to cover and you can get orders that are for very little and not that close to deliver. Time is a factor when deciding to take an order as well. I pick and choose between two apps running. car drivers get more than bikers here as well, but only .25 per order more.