I’d Rather Quit Uber Eats Than…

Uber Eats is slowly becoming a delivery-to-door service in Los Angeles.

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  1. X Uber driver, yes your getting jerked around…. left because I was told I had to agree to transport service animals…. so now I have to smell drunk people and dogs… NOT IN THIS LIFE TIME, IN FACT NOT THE NEXT 10…. Lyft pays more anyway…… in Milwaukee.

  2. I don't mind to ask you a personal question but how much are you averaging now a day? I just started uber eats and it's been discouraging so far. First day 30 bucks and last night 13. Bummer! Not to include the ticket I got… thanks! And how else can I earn extra cash doing uber eats #showmetheropes lol

  3. I don't understand Uber fees. Here's a recent example:
    rounding off
    8mi food delivery trip
    $18 fare
    Boost (1.2×) of $3.50
    Uber fee of $7.50
    Final payout = 13 dollars
    Why do I feel like I lost $ because of the boost/heightened uber fee, or at least got 0 extra pay after the fee??

  4. I made a delivery in Hawthorne Sunday night. The guy asked me to put the food on the porch and I never deliver to the door. But I said okay. It was a quiet residental street but the house looked crazy. The guy said do not knock his landlord lives up front and was asleep. I said okay. When I walked up there were bushes everywhere and the house was dark, the blonds looked crazy. When I saw the porch the frontndoor was shut but the iron door was open. I sat that bag on the edge of the porch and took off running. i felt likenthat door was going to fly open and I get snatched in. Iwill never donthat again, I was scared. Most people come to the car. I have had two reports of not coming to the door. and it lower my normally 96% rating. If that continues I'm going to quit, I am a woman and don't feel safe walking to someone's door, you never know.

  5. You are awesome!  Love your energy and attitude!  I signed up for UBERx and saw one of your videos and decided to rethink the that decision.  Haven't ruled it out but really appreciate the info you put out there!  Keep up the great work!  I hope you get the success and blessings you deserve.

  6. Here's an update from the 1 week old Uber Eats delivery service in Auckland, New Zealand. I received a negative review and feedback note which reads as follows: "Delivering To Door: When people request an Uber delivery, they're paying for items to be brought all the way to their door. While some people might not mind, other customers may give negative ratings if you ask them to come outside to pick up their items at your vehicle. Top-rated delivery partners find a place to park their car before bringing items up to the customer's door."
    Here in New Zealand, Tipping does not happen, period. There is no chance of ever getting a tip no matter how good your service is, definitely for delivering Uber Eats to their door or upstairs to their apartment etc. And there often is NOwhere to park anywhere nearby either the pickup OR delivery addresses, in Auckland at least.

  7. I really enjoy doing doing Eats; however, I hate when I deliver to these rich homes and hotels and they don't tip, but I'll go to a poor neighborhood and they will tip good because they know the struggle. Rich folks and businessmen they hate to tip, all they say is Thank you. I noticed at the bottom when you order Uber says TIPPING IS NOT EXPECTED NOR REQUIRED so that makes them not tip, the wording is very trippy. I so agree with you about the emails you send to them. Also when a pizza or Chinese food delivery delivers they tip them but don't wanna tip us. I've even had an old person be scared to tip me and handing me a tip discretely in my hand and say DON'T TELL UBER, so these people got these folks scared to tip us. How can I only do Eats and not pick up riders? I live in San Antonio, TX thanks.

  8. Hello dear, question; I'm doing pretty well between Amazon flex package deliveries and restaurants pickups & deliveries but never done Uber Eats and DoorDash. I've seen a lot of your videos. The word Uber in itself gives me the jitters Ime done with Uber passenger pickups and it really sucked to sit down for hours and not get one notification even while parked in a surge area, does Uber Eats operate the same? I spoke with a young guy that was doing Door Dash and he said e made $82.00 in six hours, humm doesn't sound good.

  9. Well Jeff Jones is out. http://www.recode.net/2017/3/19/14976110/uber-president-jeff-jones-quits Remember the guy who was supposed to fix the driver experience? Maybe he got tired of my retorts to his idiotic emails saying how compensation and tipping was complicated. He probably told Travis to add a freaking tip function and Travis said no and he said I'm out… He lasted 6 mos.. How long does an Uber Driver last these days after the sign on bonus..?