If you drive Lyft or Uber you must have a ………

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Lyft says drivers can make $35 an hour

Uber sign up — http://ubr.to/1R4mhWp
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Rubber floor mats
Throw up
Car Seat Back Organizer
Peppermints (Sweets)
Rubber Gloves
Smart Phone Mount Holder
USB Car Duel Charger (One for you and one for the passenger)
Paper Towels

My Top Tips:
– Give your passengers a WOW Lyft experience. Keep your car clean, inside and out. Have various candy stocked in your car, people love sugar. Have a conversation about them, people love to talk about themselves. Lighten up and be happy, folks don’t like a Debby downer. Do what you have to do to get those good customer ratings.

-Open the Lyft app and drive on weekends at nights because this is when people are mostly out and about. Lyft emails all of the Lyft drivers in the area about events that are happening. Lyft also gives a list of places that you should be at certain times of the day to help you get your lyfts up.

-Learn about how to use the heat maps, some people say stay away from them. I think it really depends on the city you’re in. I’m in Philly, so when there is a heat map I go to it and always get rides. I don’t camp out in the heat maps but if I’m close I’m trying to get in the heat and get paid extra. Bottom line, hot spots can get you paid

-Get business cards from http://get.lyft.com/referral-cards/ with your referral code on it. As a driver you’ll get a referral code, give out to everybody. Give it to all you’re family and friends and also spread it on social media. The more you spread it the more you’ll get paid because each time someone signs up for Lyft using your referral code. They will receive a free ride up to $20 and you will receive a $10 signup bonus, can’t be that with a bat.

-Lyft is great but sometimes it can be slow at times. I would suggest to sign up for a second ride sharing service as a back up. When Lyft gets slow you can turn on the other ride sharing company and fill in the blanks. You can even turn both apps on at the same time and go with whichever one hits first. Lyft has guarantee hours where they pay you a set rate, during this time don’t use both apps, just stay with Lyft during these times.

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  1. I had a woman talk to me so disrespectful after I passed her exit come to find out I didn't notice til after I dropped her off that she put the wrong address in… it can get real crazy out here…. I'm in the Washington DC area btw

  2. same here in D.C I got a ticket the cop said I ran a red light and my customer told him I didn't and he said"you do Lyft huh??" then proceeded to give me a ticket. I'm going to contest it because he was wrong and the cops are starting to. mess with us a lot more..smh

  3. I was an independent driver before, living out of Delaware, but working for a PA courier service. They didn't tell me about getting a business license as a independent, so the state got me for taxes. But Uber told me about getting a license. So FYI, get a business license.

  4. Thanks for all the information lots of good info.
    I just started with Lyft myself and today was my first day out on the road.. I didn't find a lot on YouTube about Lyft so I also started a YouTube starting from the application to the day to day and I'm in the Phoenix area and don't see much talk about this area.. but thanks for the info keep it up