Instacart | 4 weeks Update | Learning as I Go

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for watching my 4 weeks update video on my experience as an Instacart Shopper. This video is long overdue and I hope that you find it useful. For more information on my Instacart experience or if you would like to ask specific questions or want more videos…


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  1. My story is similar to yours
    I started in October as well.
    I applied.
    The next day I was told to go pick up my card.
    Didn’t get a shirt or lanyard.
    Didn’t have a orientation.
    No class of any sort.
    Still don’t know anything about a shift leader.
    Just like you said if I have a problem I call the shopper line and I’m good!
    Great video!!!
    You’ve gained a new subscriber!!

  2. Here in St. Augustine I did go through a 10 minute orientation, they said wear tennis shoes. Good for you killing it on a double! I had a triple and I did bad but I did it! I only do it PT. What slows me down is the customer texting me

  3. Up until 2 or 3 months ago the onboarding process was much different. Once you completed the application you had to wait until they were ready to hire new shoppers in your area then you had to attend an in person session. They would give you tips on how to shop and let you know what to expect. You were required to do a demo shop and were critiqued on how you did. They also gave you a shirt, your card and a few lanyards. It was actually quite helpful.

  4. I am to start tomorrow and I have been emailing them to let them know that I cant log in where you enter your cell number and then they are supposed to text you a number, but I never get a text. I have 2 phone numbers for Instacart and they have a recording and then it hangs up. Do you have a number that I can speak to someone? Also, do you have a link to the facebook national group?

  5. No, I didn't go to orientation. I sign up for hours but I wish I get more batches! My area is definetly over saturated… it gets easier everytime?.

    Can you give more information about the orientation? I didnt even know there were rules to Instacart shopping??