Instacart? Got My Debit Card, Ready to Start

VLOG 563 || 6TH OCTOBER 2017

UberEATS offering new drivers up to $900 to get started!

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  1. I just got approved & I even had went & got a new 6.0 cell to do this. Pumped for the Holiday to shop & make money! ZERO Orders all week! NOTHING! Either Nobody is using Instacart in Richmond, Virginia or it's saturated with drivers! Totally pointless way to try to earn money ???

  2. Okay I have questions. Im in the Atlanta georgia area so maybe its different? Ok so I signed up and got my card the same day- already activated it in the app, watched all the "training videos" also got hours ready for next week. However!- I never met with an instacart rep at a store or anything didnt get a lanyard or a shirt.. So I guess my question is: is that it? Did I miss something or is it really that simple?

  3. Hey man! Randomly came across your videos and I also live in Portland. I manage a restaurant downtown PDX, come by sometime!

    Also I’m gonna be starting Postmates very soon and after starting that I’ll be doing others as well.