Instacart | If I’m in a Car Accident While Making Deliveries

I received a comment asking the question “will Instacart pay for my car repairs if I’m in a car accident while making deliveries”… I have no IRL “real life” experience on the matter but I did my due diligence and gathered as much information as I could so… Here it is!!!

Instacart Referral…


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  1. Hi Toya, I just got on the instacart platform and today is my second day on the job. I have completed a couple of orders but as I was looking through the app at my earnings I was wondering if there is a way to look at your earnings a little more broken down than what I see in the app. It just says here's what you made for deliveries here's what you made for tips, but there's no breakdown of any of that. Is there anywhere that I can go to look at that?