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  1. Seriously I thought I was the only one having some issues. So Sunday at 9 am I chose my hours, when I try to save it told me request failed and the hours unable to claim. I was upset! Monday I did my hours from 12 to 4. They sent me a text whither one batch at Wegmans which I accepted, shopped, and delivered. At 2:28 10 mins early. So I sit there for about 2 mins and then another 3 mins because I got stuck behind the school bus. And I checked my phone. No orders no text cool. I got to the like 5 mins later and no order in the app, no text to sat I have a batch. It's 2:40 by this point. I get to a rest point and check my phone and the app that says "ready to shop" basically saying I received a batch but they're saying I never accepted it because 2:39 and 2:43. Now they have me at 50% batch acceptance rate for a batch that never generated in the app and never sent me a text notification like the first batch. So I submitted a request for answers. My hours wouldn't load so I'm out of hours for next week lol I'm like is there a glitch happening.

  2. TOYA how is Ubereats are u still doing them. I have not been out yet to do them as of yet but I surely am thinking about it.
    Anyhow how does it work? Are the orders already paid for when u pick them up?
    Do u have a specific zone?
    Or can u just go to any area and wait for a ping like regular Uber?
    Is it better or the same as DoorDash?

    Wowww so many questions LOL

  3. I can't get any either!!! It blows!!! The app has glitched horribly twice this week on me. I'm on early access and I can't hardly get any. The app freezes bad when I try to get my hours. I'm on all the apps thankfully. I just started Flex this week!

  4. Early morning I can catch hours here and there….. yesterday they tried to fade me talking about I didn’t respond to a shop sent to me…. HOW …. sent them an email about it and they was like please don’t send emails until u reach 4 incidents. Guess they got tired of paying me guarantees in SW ZONE so they added me to new zones working me like a slave yesterday.