Instacart Scam


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  1. Service fee never see that in my DD and waive that ishh !! And pay your tips in cash please as this is a 1099 you pay a full amount of taxes at the end of the year and by selecting tip online that too is tax too so if it's a $5 tip just imagine how much the worker will receive after taxing those $5 it's chump change afterwards parking meter coins not dollars so please CASH IS ALWAYS BETTER AND APPRECIATED THAN CREDIT thank you for your cooperation!

  2. How do people think that drivers are paid? This is called a "convenience" so YES there are upcharges. I have never gotten shorted on any of the money I have earned. To be honest – the convenience fees are not that outrageous considering there are people to be paid out of this and in our society – this is not a giveaway. If people don't want to pay fees then they need to either shop themselves or have a family member go. You pay extra for pizza and any other convenience in this world.

  3. Thank you for this video. I am using it for the first time and I was able to waive the fee and add gratuity instead. Good to know. I did call their customer service and tell them as a customer this would make me decline the service and they should make the two optional charges more clear.