Instacart Shopping Hauls – Whole Foods, Meijer & Costco

I did my weekly grocery shopping and I never left the comfort of my own home! Join me as I go on an Instacart shopping adventure and have my groceries delivered from Whole Foods, Meijer and Costco. The Instacart grocery delivery service is a game changer!

Here’s a free $10 for Instacart…


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  1. We can't get cold brew coffee concentrate over here yet though…..humph Not that I have found anyway, I keep looking but nope! I can't find it, not even in Costco and we get a lot of your GREAT USA things in Costco…I will keep looking for it!
    Linda x

  2. We have the home delivery grocery shopping service for a few year here in the UK, it is GREAT! But I really though you all in the USA would have had the service way before us. It is really useful!
    Love your vids…always!
    Linda x

  3. OMG! Heather that sounds like a dream come true!!! EEEEEE….can't wait til it's in my area. Holy cow! I just checked and I DO HAVE IT. It includes Meijer and Kroger. Did you do the FREE 1 year trial??