Instacart sought of day

if interested in working instacart feel free use referral code link TSMALLWOOD451CA. New markets are expanding across Country


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  1. I finished my first instacart gig this past weekend and decided it isn't for me. My first assignment was at a Costco and I almost passed out. I had 14 items and 10 of the items were cases of bottled water and sodas. My dropoff was at a downtown​ commercial building so I expected an elevator so I used my wagon. I open the door and see a set of stairs! I nearly cried. Now my lower back is hurting and I've never had lower back issues. The second order was from Jewel and four of the five orders were multi pack beverages. Can't do this.

  2. Be careful hun. I hurt my back a few months ago which sucked. But I am better now. I do Amazon flex. And will be doing doordash and postmates on the down time. I love thank you card idea.