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  1. What happens when you fill those cool bags and you bring the bags to the customers front door but they don't let you inside and want to take the bags from you? What do you do then or has that ever happened to you?Thank you!

  2. 7 the all of the zippers broke on each of my insulated bags but they are very roomy and you need that much room I am having trouble repurchase thing these bags I really want to buy them again but I don't know the company name because it's not sent by insta cart it's sent by a different company

  3. They work really well. I've had insulated bags that are straight crap. But these are of really good quality, at least as far as holding in the cool and hot. I don't know how durable the straps actually are I typically just take the plastic bags out when I go in to deliver. I only use the insulated bags while I'm in the car to transport.. They are big too. I can usually fit about four to six plastic bags full in each bag.