Instacart Tips 101: How To Deal With Dishonest Customers

This brief video explains some tips on how to deal with customers from Instacart who are dishonest and do not tell the…


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  1. Such a bummer. I just ordered a 28 item order for $140ish. Two packs of bagels. Both were paid for on the receipt. But one of the packs was not in my bags 🙁 So, sometimes these items really are missing. I'm sorry there are customers who do cheat the system. I just want my plain bagels too! Lol

  2. Yea I delivered a customers groceries, and 20 minutes later she text me that I didnt deliver her groceries. So instacart contact me and I explained that the customer lied and they had to believe me because the customer had tipped me on the app

  3. But it can happen. Once I received a huge onion that didn't belong to me. Another time I received two packages of small garbage bags. So they obviously belonged to another customer. I did call Instacart but it happens. I myself have never had anything missing but had ridiculous substations. So now I don't substitute anything.

  4. I was cheated by the shopper who said what I ordered was in the bag. It never occurred to me I could not just trust the person. But it was a blatant lie as she had substituted a completely different food (even tho I said no subs) and she handed me the bag saying that was the meat when it was really something different so I was charged $20 extra just for that one item alone. I guess I was supposed to open up and look through each package, rather than expect a reasonable amount of honesty that I could believe what she said. There is much worse where that came from, but I will never shop with Instacart again. It seems like the problems stem from how badly they treat customers and employees. All I know it is was 100% fraud!

  5. Thank you this video just helped me. I had a perfect rating up until this afternoon, someone reported asparagus and Kleenex missing from their order.. which was 110% completely false. I almost deactivated my account. Its unfair that people can just lie and get away with it! Insacart has some changes that need to be made when it comes to customer reports/ratings etc.

  6. They should have an instacart bad customer registry so people won't take their orders to shop for them anymore. Also, if they are known to do that more than once, they shouldn't be kicked off. Are you allowed to take a picture of you giving groceries to them so they can't claim it. There has to be a solution so people like that can't get away with it.

  7. Today as I got to a customer house I realized I accidentally broke 2 eggs out of 18. I'll let customer know and told her I will go around the corner to a closer store and buy her another dozen-and-a-half eggs and she was happy with that. I come back maybe less than 10 minutes later, give her the new dozen half eggs (that I just purchased) and go ahead and let her keep the remaining 16 eggs from the previous order. And she still reports that they were damaged even though I replaced them. ??

  8. It just sucks because you know you did what you were supposed to do. I had a customer complain who insisted on groceries being left on the porch after dark. Either they lied about missing items, or the teens who roam the neighborhood stole them.
    I really hope IC removes the negative Mark's, because for almost 3 weeks straight, I've had nothing but 5 stars and rave reviews. It's really unfair, and I'm having to keep reminding myself that the actions of these people is a reflection on who they are, not on me.

  9. Hello I like you videos and my name is Gregorio A. Jimenez III I started instacart January 22, 2018. I had my first dishonoring customer saying he was missing items that I pack and know what was in there. And now to do so for my protection is that am going to the store ask them to review the cameras and to give me a letter saying that the items where scan and bagged. If that so I as a Contactor and for everyone out there could pull up charges to customer for filing a wrongful fees back with the cops so people who are shopping know that instacart shoppers are not going to take dishonest customers and make false report.

  10. Did a order for a customer and he put in the feed back that I got the wrong item. As we all know as shoppers, the app will scan it as the wrong item or right item. He was probably upset because he ordered the wrong item and tried blaming me. And lady ordered 2 tubes of ice cream and a box of ice cream sandwiches. I had two orders at once and she was order B 42 items and order A had only 11. Order A was 19 minutes from the store and order B was another 15 mintues plus she did not properly give the correct directions and address so I had to call her which took another 8 minutes making her order late. She was upset probably because her ice cream melted a little even with them being in the insulated bags. Instacart said it was out of my control and let it go basically.

  11. Yesterday I get delivery wrong kind cheese and grape tomatoes open couple smashed. So I called mainly because cheese. One time got text stating delivery was done and receipt but nothing. When I called they told me check porch and sure enough their they were. Which is against policym

  12. I had a shopper that bought everything prepackaged like bacon etc. and said the who order was damaged or bad replacements when I got exactly what they told me to get. I also have had customers that order a specific amount because the store and InstaCart offer a amount for free for shopping with these stores. They will place multiple orders under different names so they get all their items free. If you call "Shopper Happiness" bet the name of the person you speak too. I keep a log of every batch. I also mark my receipts with date and batch #. If multiple orders use the colored stickers. Whole foods and a few other stores only offer their horrible paper bags. I insist on always having them double bag them all and then I use a specific color dot sticker for batch A and no dot for batch B.

  13. one thing that was funny but not funny is that I had delivered an order to a customer and they said they didn't get an item then I got the same person again to redeliver the item they said they didn't have but it was in another bag they almost threw away. then my 3rd batch I got them again and delivered and then said the items was damaged which it was not. but hey I didn't mind at the end cause they paying the delivery fee.

  14. I get it all the time. but my thing is if its missing and I was only on the one order the app wouldn't let me continue if I didn't get the one item unless I refunded them. duh. plus its so frustrating to a shopper when the company don't care about the shoppers issues to evaluate them. Some customers say they didn't get it due to the BOGO. which I think is stupid. UGH. I take pic of my receipts and send to them but nothing is done or said.

  15. So the same thing happened to me. The customer said I had picked "wrong items" but I know I didn't. I emailed instacart the receipt with the highlighted "wrong items" and they put a fraud rating on the customers account. I always keep my receipts until the next day just in case.

  16. I take a picture when they are not home. I place the bags at their door, take a picture- send the picture to the customer through the app and then I also send a note saying " your groceries have been delivered". And then I swipe that I have delivered. I hate when they lie like that!!!!