Instacart Tips 101: How to make a good 1st Impression with new Instacart Customers…and get tips!

This is a great way to make a great first impression with new instacart customers by using preset notes that you can copy and paste for first-time customers. this also helps you increase your…


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  1. Hey, great video. Just discovered your channel it cool to find other people who do instacart, postmate and other rideshares companies. Continue to provide great information like this it really helps the rideshare community out a lot! All the best ill continue to watch!

  2. I normally make a very good impression but sometimes they are afraid to open the door. My pic is on the app so what's the problem? But sometimes I get really nice ones that want me each time they order. That I wish also will happen. TO stay with the customer that wants to keep you.