Instacart | Would You Like to End Your Hours Early???

I worked a few hours on the Instacart platform and made a few extra bucks!!!

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  1. Hey Toya bug! Most beautiful big brown eyes… Love your eyes!!?? I don't like to see them eyes sad…you PERSEVERE and press on to the prize, press on baby girl. These videos are so helpful, thank you so much for being a blessing. ?

  2. Hey Toya! so I totally know your frustrations with Instacart. I am still an active user on their platform however I stopped really worrying about picking up hours with them for a number of reasons and this was a main one! Now I won't dog them totally because they were good at one point but now it's a new ball game with them! You know like me how to work these platforms so follow whatever your heart tells u to do. That's what I did.

  3. Toya,,,,,,,HANG IN THERE! Its not always gonna be as such. I know that it can be discouraging bcuz even I have been scratching for hours. I've been going from Zone to zone and there are times that I get 3 hours and no orders but I'm still getting those hours in to get back on the early access.
    I'll get there. I know it's difficult cause u have to have a certain amount of hour to get there but just think; the hours should be picking up more bcuz The holidays start next week so keep on checking and pushing sis!,????????