Instacart’s New Changes and Updates: What This Could Mean For You ?

Instacart has gone through so many drastic changes recently that is hard to keep up. Check out this video to see if any of this may apply to you and what to do.



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  1. I'm in the Buffalo NY area and fs shoppers only are at $6.25 per order with .40 per item and an additional 5 if you deliver it too. Delivery is 5.25 per order on regular days and 6.25 for high traffic days it's fairly new to the area yet with Wegmans stores and Costco. They are currently talking about getting rid of hourly guarantee which is 10 for first 40 batches

  2. I was supposed to start my first shift with Instacart today. Last night, they sent me all of these messages and tips about my first day. Woke up this morning and my schedule was empty!! My entire shift (8-4) that was scheduled a week in advance had disappeared!! I'm so shocked!!! I'm so discouraged already. I emailed them (2 hours ago); no response yet. What are your thoughts??!!

  3. Wow. I know it's not easy, but why can't they make most of it more of a Temp position? Only it's something that you can come back for- if you're adhering to their rules of course. They aren't rotating it properly. Did the pay lower because they took on too many employees?? So crazy. My husband just wants to drop it now 'cause it doesn't look any where close to him getting any kind of shift. We had NO idea that they did it so much where we are. XD Thank you so much for the information. 🙂