Is it safe for women to drive for Uber?

I’m Lizzi, Uber driver and new Beachbody Coach! I’m often asked by my riders if driving Uber is safe for a female – and the answer is YES, with a few considerations. I go into details in my video! And if you’re interested in getting my free e-book, Tips & Tricks for the Newbie Uber Driver, sign up to drive with my referral code and send me a message on Facebook – I’m Coachlizzimac!

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  1. Do you get lots of comments driving stick for uber? I've only been driving a couple weeks and have had several people say something about me driving stick for uber or that I'm the only uber driver they have seen who does.

  2. Sexual harassment is an issue for Rideshare drivers. I happen to be a young, beautiful woman and it can be very scary and stressful and your driver rating can suffer when you turn men down for sex. It's very unfortunate. Clear cut policies would be extremely helpful in this regard.