Is It Safe to Be A Female Driver

Is it Safe to Be A Female Driver

Hey There! It’s Minna, I am The Black Car Babe

One of the questions that I get as a lady driver is Is it Safe to be a female driver, or do I feel safe while driving out on the road. Yes, I do. And some of the things I factor in to stay safe on the road as a female driver is to choose my hours wisely, avoiding the fight with difficult passengers, and ensuring that my car is in top working order.

To feel safe as a female driver, especially in a dynamic and bustling city such as New York, one has to be prepared for almost anything, even staying overnight in your car. After listening to The Rideshare Guy podcast with safety expert Ben Branam, I felt a bit more prepared to answer that question, – Is it Safe to Be a Female Driver, which is often asked of me.

Here is The Rideshare Guy podcast with Ben Branam on Staying Safe While Driving

Here is the Drive Girl Drive video – What Are The Best Hours For Women Drive For Uber/Lyft?

My Scariest Moment as a Woman Uber Driver

Amazing resources on being a rockstar female driver
Sharing Economy from a woman’s perspective – she is one classy lady!
A Blog and Podcast for Rideshare Drivers

After doing some research, I noticed there is not a lot of resources out there for female drivers. In fact, based on a SherpaShare survey, overall, about 19% Uber/Lyft drivers are women. So I decided to add my two cents to the mix by creating The Black Car Babe, where I will document my experiences as a black car driver driving a monster car through the insane streets of Manhattan. I will also point you to some amazing resources to help you grow as a professional driver. My goal is to help other women who are already driving, and those who are considering it, navigate the tough roads out there wisely, efficiently, and with class.

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Finally, if you are interested in driving for VIA, here is the link to register

I drive with Via and you should too! Apply here:

Be safe out there ladies and germs! 😉 Cheers!!

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