Is It Worth Driving For The Lyft Express Drive Program?

Lyft Express Drive. Be your own boss: Drive and earn with Lyft on your schedule. Recently GM invested $500 million into the Lyft ride share company, which allows new drivers to sign up without having to use their own car.

See if the Lyft’s partnership with General Motors, the Express Drive program is worth it for you.

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    you can lease a car for $ 180 for 1200 miles a month, and if you have exceeded the mileage you pay maximum 0.50 per mile, so it only make sense if you're sure that you can make more then 75 rides

  2. Free car rental sounds really awesome but question is, how long will that promotion last? I can't see paying $600 + $0.25/mile! I might aswell go directly to GM and get one financed directly for that much!

  3. OK…..I'm a LYFT DRIVER in Chicago. I was a consistent customer before becoming a driver. I put in the application and paid for the deposit of $50. after 3 weeks I was approved (drivers background check). I set a date to pick up the vehicle. After a Brief mentor session, I was ready to Drive!!! My goal was 2 only do 45 rides because I worked another job as well. My first week I was extremely excited!!! Although I was only able to get 42 rides I was proud of myself because my work schedule is so strict. I made $457 (and some change). I was so excited!!!! After all the fees were taken out I walked home with$27.67. Whoa. I talked to a Rep who explained that because I didn't make the required rides(45) I was charged for Personal Mileage, LYFT mileage (while on the app), the rental fee, and also additional taxes. whoa! The next week I made it my business to to hit 45 and kept a 93% acceptance rate. Whew!!! I was relieved. *Fast forward PAY DAY!!! I made $112 out of $472!!!! what!!!!??? I spent $100 on gas alone!!! I met alot of amazing passengers how ever….. If you don't have your own vehicle or your not Doing LYFT full time, You will be very upset.

  4. I was just called in to get my vehicle in LA but I live In Ventura which is 2 hrs away. My question is that would they charge me the mileage when driving back to Ventura and would I just be stuck in debt with them for the mileage and the monthly insurance not even knowing if I would make good money with Lyft here in Ventura since it's a small city so I don't know if I would get a good amount of clients here? Can u plz help me ? Thank you

  5. Thats a lie. you still have to give Lyft 25% of your income, you still have to pay taxes on the car, and you have to pay for all personal miles. So even with free in app miles and free rental, your wages will be extremely low and you have to work 7 days a week just to get all the rides you need

  6. Yes, this program is great….. At first. I drove with this express program for 2 weeks and just had to return the car. My first week I made $1,066. First week. Hit every single requirement there was to meet, acceptance rate above requirements and everything. After everything was said and done, out of that $1,066, lyft only gave me $265 out of that. $799 dollars was taken from my earnings. Second week, not as motivated because of this, i made around $650 and only got $170 from that. I had friends that tried this out and told me the same thing happened to them so it isnt just me. So basically in total i made $1,600 in two weeks and only got 400 out of all of it. And I didnt mention how much gas money I put into this. I lost so much money in this program. For an honest opinion its really not worth the time nor effort. Thats from a experienced express driver point of view. The cars are GREAT, but the system is broken.