Is It Worth Getting A Car Wash Membership Driving For Uber?

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  1. So glad to see you back, Brian. I can show you what I do sometime since we're both in the 'Nati. 1 gallon of distilled water 1/2 ounce Optimum No Rinse (they have blue that's wash & shine and green which has some carnuba which they call wash & wax. 4-5 microfiber cloths folded in fours. I add product to water bottle, shake it a bit then pour into a bucket, add MF, allow them to soak for a bit then wash. I can't stand the marring, scratches & swirls. I use all 8 sides of the towel. Never put a dirty MF back on the bucket, grab a fresh one & keep going. Start to finish including tires & wheels 20 mins. Bought a relatively inexpensive lower pneumatic stool on casters. Takes me 20 mins tops. Let me know if you'd like me to give you a few oz of each to try.i'll wipe some, most of it off but for harder to reach areas, I stand on a step ladder.

  2. I do the subscription plan at my car wash but I do the cheapest plan that only costs $20. It works just as well as the expensive one but sometimes I'll pay the $2 extra for undercarriage during the winter.

  3. I have had an unlimited membership at "Crew" car wash in Indianapolis for almost a year – it's great. I just drive through before I start driving. I usually do the inside work myself as needed.

    "Crew" used to me "Mike's" in Indy – possibly the same as what you have there in Cinci.