Is Uber Stealing Tips On Reserved Trips?

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  1. I got $50 from Uber last week it's said adjustments fees….
    I got reservations requested last night without the upfront price, just saying the miles and times, but no promise, I guess, was free

  2. They know we are not dumb. They also know they are powerless.

    Sergio I'm in LA. I have a strong feeling Uber is turning comfort orders into Uber x rides. It's hard to prove but I've been doing this for awhile and have a feeling.

  3. By the way, Sergio my name is similar to yours and is Sergey and I have lived in the USA since 1997. In the rideshare business, I have worked from 2016 to the present and recently just working part-time mostly on weekends/holidays. I come from nowadays country called Uzbekistan.

  4. let's talk about full-time Drivers, what are you going to do without social security, how about getting sick with no insurance, how about 401K. are you going to live on the streets when you get old???? if you have no skills for 6 months of AC school, you will make $40 an hour as an AC tech. think about the future it will come sooner than you think.

  5. It’s this new internet mentality, basically a scam. AI is going to run everything soon and it’s set up in favor of the company’s. I believe AI is programmed to earn as much as possible regardless of how.

  6. I know Lyft is stealing tips for sure!! I went 38 rides in a row with no tip. So the next 3 rides I asked the riders if they were going to be adding a tip (they were) so I took screenshots of the tips. Sure enough they did not show up on my earnings. I contacted Lyft and the only thing support had to say was that riders have the option to change the tip and that must be what happened. Yeah right!!! But then magically tips starting showing up again! What a joke!!