Jake Gyllenhaal Cried Watching “Bears” On An Airplane | CONAN on TBS

(Original Airdate: 10/30/14) Jake got REALLY into the emotional journey of a mama bear and her two cubs in Alaska.

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  1. If anybody thinks the movie he was talking about was emotional, DO NOT watch a movie called “The Bear” from 1988! I was so hoping Jake was referring to that movie when I read the thumbnail title. My parents took my sister and I to see it when we were 8 and 5. Something horrible happens in the first 10 minutes and my sister and I just lost it. We were still crying when the movie ended. To cheer us up, my parents took us to the Go-Cart track and we were still choked up driving around the track. Phenomenal movie but gut wrenching if you love animals and have a soft side. I will say the end has one of the greatest live action scenes with animals in history!