Judge Puts Hold on Seattle Law Allowing a Ride-Hailing Union

Read the article here: https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/washington/articles/2017-04-04/seattle-law-allowing-ride-hailing-union-temporarily-blocked

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  1. So here is a better explanation since the first time I was responding from my phone. A very small contingent of seattle drivers went to the teamsters union back in like 2015, and when I say small, maybe between 30-50 out of 10k drivers, to get represented. Since teamsters has been exhaustively adamant about getting ridesharing out of seattle, they saw this as an opportunity to affect the platforms from the inside so they hopped on board. From there what happened is a little sketchy, but those of us here who have been watching are pretty confident teamsters made a "donation" to seattle city councilmembers, because this ordinance was pushed through without even attempting to contact the rest of the drivers for either lyft or uber, and in this state we all have to register to the city with a business license, so it isnt like they cant say they didnt have our contact information. They held the minimum of public hearings on the issue before it was passed, and only told Uber corporate AFTER it was passed because they were legally obligated. I am unsure of whose ideas theses next few were either Teamsters or council, but some of the new rules are: only drivers who have completed 52 trips in a 3 month period are allowed to vote, despite us being adamant that every driver get a vote, and no one who joined past a certain date last year will be allowed to vote at all. Votes are public, not private or anonymous. Teamsters have been given carte blanche to "engage" us in whatever means they see fit, so if they want to ring our phones off the hook until we sign that union card, or show up at our house, etc. they can and we have no legal recourse. Only the city may determine who our union representatives are, and said reps. must apply through the city to become so. The language of the ordinance rules allows the teamsters to put forth practically anything they want, wait 90 days, call default and it must go through and uber must comply, so many loopholes it isnt even funny. Things on the list teamsters wants to tackle are things like how many hours we work, where we can pick up from, how many drivers can operate in any one given area, what kind of cars to drive, and many more, and just like an army recruiter, can and will say and promise anything to get you to sign the union card, with absolutely no intention of going through with said promises. Within this response I have included the only article that actually articulates what is really going on, EVERY other news article I have read is just as misleading as when MSM said Hillary was a slam dunk to win. For all of 2016 both uber and lyft drivers have been fighting this, and every single public forum and hearing we have had a significant presence to voice our concerns, none of which were even listened to. This week was the deadline for Uber to release our contact information to the teamsters to begin the recruitment process, the judge asked for an additional week to make a decision, putting on hold the 10k per day fine for failure to comply. As of today, said judge has issued a stay of the ordinance to address what he has called "grave concerns" regarding this ordinance. Our GM for the region has adamantly stated that if the judge does not rule in favor of rideshare that they WILL pull out of seattle. We currently have a meeting set for this thursday the 6th to discuss what this means. I for one am furious, depressed, sad, and frustrated. This is my full time job, and being a contractor cannot apply for state unemployment benefits if Uber and Lyft leave. If it leaves, I am totally fucked. I maintain a 4.84-4.9, and these bastards are just going to regulate me right out of the only job I have ever made what I was worth, not to mention excellent at. Please do more research for all of you who commented here, try to see the bigger picture. Whether Uber and lyft stays in seattle or leaves, the teamsters will have effectively killed rideshare, one way or another. If uber leaves, they win. If they stay Teamsters will simply regulate us out of profitability and usefulness and they will still win.


  2. I will never vote for The Teamsters union! TEAMSTERS represent TAXI CAB DRIVERS and Uber & Lyft might leave Seattle market, because of this unions and just imagine how many people can lose their job because of this law…

  3. I drive in the Seattle market on Uber and Lyft platforms and meet the unionization voting requirements. No way would I vote for Teamster representation. They rep the taxi drivers today, they have nothing to offer rideshare drivers. Uber and Lyft both suck, but the Teamsters suck worse.

  4. If we have union representation then rideshare driving will totally destroy the cab industry. We can still do the same job better and cheaper. Unionizing Lyft/Uber would lead to the creation of smaller, local rideshare outfits that are NOT unionized. The competition between union and non-union shops benefits workers. The unions can't drag their asses and the non-union outfits are forced to treat their workers as good as the unions do.

  5. the union represents the cabby drivers. they will not help us at all. they will effectively shut us down.
    they would dictate times,hours and locales where we work. you need to look in to this a lot further my friend. this will not solve anything your concerned about but it will destroy our jobs. look in to this and then get the word out please.