JUNO!? How to make more money with Rideshare ownership. Take the power back Uber and Lyft drivers!

Please click on this link to begin building your team of Juno drivers to claim your share of ownership in the Rideshare industry! Join me in this revolution! We are the Builders of this dream!


If you are going to sign up with Uber or Lyft in any city please click on my link below to do so. You will get a better incentive and so will I.

Hey! Come drive Uber with me and get cash when you sign up https://partners.uber.com/i/2qvedgdzw

BRENT has given you a FREE Uber ride (up to $15). To claim your free gift, sign up using this link: https://www.uber.com/invite/2eazwz93ue

Get a cash bonus when you sign up for Lyft Here’s where to apply: https://lyft.com/drivers/BRENT570984

For $50 in ride credit, download the Lyft app using my referral link: https://lyft.com/ica/BRENT570984. It’s the most affordable ride in town. Terms apply.

Meet AppDrivenGuy in person and have me take you to the airport! Download the WINGZ app in Google Play and then use my promo code BRENTTY or click the following url:


Please understand I am not being paid by Juno and I am not a Juno spokesman! I am genuinely excited about this opportunity and I hope that you can understand why! This is our chance to build something huge and to take out or frustration and worries about the direction it’s going. I hope that people take this seriously and start building teams of their own and their own communities so that we can get to know off the ground and get ownership in rideshare. I hope that those watching and Portland Oregon will sign up so that we can get Juno here faster and start making more money! Please, in other markets do the same and build your team!

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  1. I'm with you. I'm in portland too and signed up for Juno too. I see it as a great opportunity to help build a place you want to work for. I'd love to help out and be a part of your team as well.

  2. I am getting more tips now that I kept my service up and did not cut back with all the fee cuts. I like Lyft still just because in apps tips. Yeah, both of them are at rock bottom prices, but if you focus on short rides in some areas (e.g.college towns). Can't wait for JUNO!

  3. But people. .continue making uber super billionaire..continue given cheap rides to cheap customers…continue using and super using your vehicles just to get in exchange pennies and be at the mercy of those riders and almost begging to get a 5 star rating..not me…tired of that. ..now, no strangers get on my car, no more door slamming. ..

  4. Again, one more time..get a skill..as a plumber, electrician, ac guy, elevator, etc…all you need is high school diploma or ged…for example, right now in the plumbers union, someone that's joined with zero experience starst at $20 per hour, with benefits, every year an advancement in wages and skills level..they send you to a 5 year apprenticeship, free, Union pays everything, going to school while earning money at the job…if you think working for uber, lyft, Amazon flex, etc is better than that….mmmm..fine, is your future..your life..your family. ..

  5. And to those guys like the so called UBERMAN, or the rideshare guy, etc..those guys talk wonders of uber..but they do it with a purpose…they purpose is to keep it alive because it means business for them..they both have YouTube channels that brings them money, they both sell merchandise that brings them money, books, hats, head covers, etc etc…and they use uber in all those products…they don't focus on how much they actually make by driving. .no no no…they use uber to make money in another ways..AND THAT'S WHY THEY WANT TO KEEP UBER ALIVE. .BECAUSE IF UBER DIES, ALL THERE INCOME DIES WITH UBER..

  6. Welcome to capitalism and a free market. You drive all three platforms? If so why complain about uber and lift? Passengers will take the cheapest fares they can find is the bottom line. If the driver is horrible they will let uber know. Read the juno language carefully as well. They soon will follow uber and lift. Also getting tips is possible with uber, it happens all the time. You don't need an app to get tips (which is recorded on your 1099 for tax purposes)

  7. Dude,, how do you talk about uber and lift in a negative and towards the end of your blog you tell the viewers that your uber code for new drivers,,,
    Juno should look at you and take you of their platform,,,, your promoting Juno but at the same time your promoting uber and lift

  8. and nope, we're getting paid per ride, just like any other app, then they're adding incentive programs to match ubers peak hours boosts and their ride number bonuses, only problem is, not enough riders. most people don't know about juno still, and its been a year.

  9. wow, I've had ideas as we all have about what could make rideshare better for everyone. this video tells the most info I've heard about juno. I'm impressed juno will own this industry, Uber is scared, they better get cracking on the autonomous vehicles lol I'll be using your referral code, thanks for all the extra info. I don't even think Lyft cares more about drivers than uber, they Re just better at making it look that way. juno seems to take the cake there by all means

  10. Juno are the BEST, if you are driving for Uber, you have NOoooo idea what money are, cuz you never see what you working for, till you driving for Juno, here in NYC, the Juno customers are so much better too, I'm not really sure why, Juno for sure!

  11. Guys if you sign up with multiple companies then you don’t have to rely on uber much. So in nyc my primary choice is JUNO, then Gett Taxi (also 10% commission), Lyft, and finally uber only during surge. I like how you think, so we have to organize and get the message out. In time as JUNO grows I will drop all the other companies as they still don’t have market share to a level where I want. But a great company and does care about drivers and low commission. You guys can also sign up with your local car service company as limosys is an app that carservice companies use to connects passengers with drivers. If you use all of the strategies then you only want to use uber when they are surging. This will force them to change or lose market share as during normal fare time, the driver base abandons uber’s app.

  12. awesome thanks for all the tips and for positive vibe man! now I have a question ? I do Amazon Flex, probably Postmates but I can't do Uber, Lyft or possibly Juno because I have an awesome 1991 toyota Previa any suggestions ?